Another Bisexual Immortal
In America
by The Inheritor

Robert A. Monroe in his book, Ultimate Journey, within the chapter, Hail and Farewell, described one of his experiences of lucid dreaming or going about in his ‘astral’ or subtle body, his second attention, wherein he had a vivid mutual dreaming meeting with a nameless bisexual physical immortal living (and working) in America.  I am going to comment on this subtle meeting and on some of its implications in regard to our more familiar bisexual immortal in Mexico, The Death Defier, whom I have reasons to believe is the Guru Rinpoche Padma Sambhava from Old Tibet (see my previous articles on this matter on this Website).


First we will hear an internal conversation between Monroe and his “INSPEC”, an inner subtle companion and guide, who later on is shown to be simply another fragment or projected personality from within his own causal body or Third Attention.



1 —   …there is another matter that occupies your mind.  You have a hidden desire that you are trying to express.


Yes … there is one that I would like to visit.  You know what I mean.


The most mature and evolved human in physical earth, living in your time reference.


That is so.  Can it be done?


Yes, but the result may not be what you expect.


I wish to try, all the same.


I shall lead you.



Comment 1:


The being he is leading himself to is the most advanced in America and Canada and is parallel to the Death Defier in Mexico and Latin America.



2 —   I followed the dwindling curl of light through the darkness, for I don’t know how long.  Suddenly I was in a room, a normal sort of room, sparsely furnished with a few chairs and easy chairs and a table.  Two large windows allowed in rays of sunlight; outside there appeared to be a stand of tall trees.  It could be anywhere on Earth.

At a desk on one side of the room sat a person.  I couldn’t tell whether it was male or female; the face and body structure could be either.  The face was almost unlined, the hair light brown and down just around the ears; the age somewhere between thirty and fifty, as far as I could tell.  The clothing was simple, a white shirt and dark slacks.

But it was the radiation that stunned me.  It was like standing in bright spring sunlight that was filled with every human emotion that ever existed.  It was almost overwhelming — and yet familiar.  It was equally balanced.  One moment it was male, then I was sure it was female.  A true equal — a He/She.  Heshe!

The radiation closed off.  Heshe — there had to be a name — looked up.  The eyes were bottomless; I could detect no expression or emission.  The control was perfect, yet I could not understand the reason for the restraint.

The lips didn’t move, but I heard.  I was expecting this now.  There was a warm chuckle in what I understood.

 Heshe? I’ve never had that name before.”

 “I meant no disrespect.  I didn’t know what to call you.”

 “One name is as good as another.  Now, do you really believe I can be of help to you?”

 “I always hoped that you could.”

 “In what way?”

 “To answer a few questions . . .”

 “What good would my answers be to you?”

 “I . . . I don’t know . . .”

 “You insist others obtain their own answers.  Why should you be different?”

This struck home.  It was as if my bluff had been called.



Comment 2:


This androgynous being, given the name ‘Heshe’ by Monroe’s mind, was very calm and detached toward the excited and turbulent disembodied mentality of Monroe.  A superficial intellect doing lucid dreaming is not particularly impressive to an ancient immortal mentality.  The Second Attention being the natural plane of telepathy, Heshe does not bother to go through the gestures of “talking”!


Monroe does not have any intelligent or genuine Third Attention Real Questions.  There is no foundation for a cosmic exchange about the Big Picture because Monroe is not yet a Nagual of the Second Attention and because (A) he has not been through the Second Gate of dreaming and explored the Worlds of the Inorganics, and (B) he has not gotten to the Whole of his Individuality in the Third Attention where the True Intellect (Buddhi in Sanskrit) is fully functional.  Later on he refers to that, his causal body, as “the Committee”, consisting of absorbed former personalities from previous lives.



3 —   “You’re right.  What I’m really interested in is you, not answers to my questions.”

 “I am only one of your statistics.  One of the one-in-a-million types.  Your friend has done well in locating me.”

 “I perceive you as occidental, yet no one on Earth really believes you exist.  But . . . we have met before . . . just once . . . haven’t we?”

 “You see?  You are answering your own questions.”

 “Yet . . . you have lived only one physical lifetime.  You have not been recycled, like the rest of us.  But . . . how do I know these things?”

 “You are reading my mind.”

 “Only a part of it, and with your permission, I’m sure.  One continuous lifetime, for eighteen hundred years!  How do you stay . . . young?”



Comment 3:


Heshe did not spend eighteen hundred years in North America.  I have reasons to believe that Heshe spent most of the time in Europe, often in Western Germany near Paderborn  and Externstein, where I myself have been spending a lot of time the last two or three years.  I also have reasons to believe this immortal has spent a great deal of time in Venice personally training advanced occultists (sorcerers), where Heshe disguised himself as “The Devil” or “Lucifer”.  If you will watch deeply the film, The Ninth Gate (with Johnny Depp), you will notice that the particular “Lucifer” in the film is brought out as a bisexual immortal.  I myself do not call Heshe “Lucifer”!  That is a bit of a joke!  I prefer the Germanic name, Nanheim for reasons I will not discuss.



4 —   “I keep changing jobs.  That keeps anyone young.  Is that a good answer?”

 “A great one.  What a pleasure to meet you this way!  What is your job now, if it may be called that?”

 “You might call me an organizer, or facilitator, which-ever you like.”

 “With your ability, I would think there is much you can do at this very moment.”

 “I keep busy.”

 “What . . . ?  No, I can read it . . . you drive an ambulance, you’re a late-night bartender, a psychiatric counselor . . . and you’re just on your way to teach history at the university.  And there’s more.”

 “I like people.”

 “Wait . . . you flew gliders once, at Harris Hill . . . I think I remember you.  That’s where it was!”

 “Just having a little fun.”

 “Where do you eat and sleep?”

 “I gave those up years ago.”

 “You must conduct fascinating lectures in history.”

 “I try to amuse, and confuse, with contradictions.”

 “Your next job . . . what kind of job will it be?”

 “Organizing, naturally.  Introducing a Variable, just as you do.  Such as this book, or the mind-altering programs you disseminate — all add a Variable into the lives of those who encounter them.  Now, instead of all the questions, why don’t you read what needs organizing and the goals to be achieved?  I can give you what you call a ROTE about that, about a plan that doesn’t involve communism or socialism, capitalism or dictatorship.”

 “They say it can’t be done.”

 “That is what makes it worth the effort.  It needs a unified worldwide human endeavor.  This will happen through recognized necessity, not through religions, race, or political beliefs, or force of arms.”

 “Necessity is severe stuff.  The world would have to be in rough shape.”

 “That is the reason for waiting.  The time will come.”

 “But worldwide, humans have never agreed on anything.”



Comment 4:


It just so happens that Heshe Nanheim and myself are sharing a subtle cosmic collaboration along these lines.  In my private life (off the occult and spiritual Web), I am a professional management consultant facilitator and cognitive research scientist.  Learning, whether mundane or supramundane, requires the introduction of discontinuity into the cognitive pattern of a mundane decision maker or a supramundane seeker of the miraculous.  That is, you might notice that I like to introduce discontinuous occult or spiritual information in an interdisciplinary way across apparently separate occult and spiritual traditions on Earth and beyond.       This allows for higher insights and greater development of my natural students on the Web.



5 —   There was a sudden surge of energy, similar to what I had felt previously.  As it faded, I knew the ROTE was in place, ready to be unrolled when the time was right.  I had one more question for Heshe.

 “When you have time, what about organizing the energy where we work?  We need it.”

 “You do not really need it, but I will do my best.”

 “Will you be in physical form?”

 “Certainly.  But you will not recognize me.”

 “You know I will try.”

 “Of course, Ashaneen.  And I will be ready for you.  You cannot find me again unless I agree.  And now I am due at the university.”

 “Thank you so very much.  Will I see you again soon?”

 “No.  Not for a while.”

  Heshe, the Organizer, turned and left without a backward look.  Reluctantly I searched for my INSPEC friend, but I could not obtain a fix on any radiation.  I was aware it was time to return to the physical, which I accomplished with no trouble.  Once there, I sat up, stretched my arms — and suddenly realized I had been given a clue.  Heshe had called me Ashaneen.  Or was it a clever misdirection, just for the fun of it?

 Now I look carefully at every stranger who comes to visit us.  Perhaps I should have made a bet!



Comment 5:


Calling Monroe “Ashaneen” was both a private-to-himself joke by Heshe Nanheim, but it was also a big hint to Monroe that Monroe could awaken his higher causal intelligence or Third Attention better by learning AUI, the Language of Space, of Dr. John W. Weilgart.  The name, Ashaneen literally means “Unreal Noisy”!  Heshe Nanheim is thus telling Monroe what a fragment or Tonal, Social Self, or mere subtle-personality-only he is even though he is doing lucid dreaming in that condition.  All sorts of New Age lucid dreamers, ‘healers’ and ‘teachers’, such as Merilyn Tunneshende, known to Castaneda enthralled seekers-of-personal-power, are similar types of Tonal, self-important social-influencers who are asleep in their higher causal body or true intellect of the Third Attention.


Additional Note:


In regard to the Second Attention of Monroe, it is also obvious that he never went through the Third Gate of Dreaming where one learns to Materialize the Double and go about as a quasi-physical person who can interact with ordinary physical people in a virtually ordinary functional manner.  But Castaneda had such training, which means that it is entirely possible that after his death he could have personally materialized and had a gesture with Martin Goodman, the author of “I Was Castaneda”.  Those who automatically reject that book as a “farce” should think again!  Throughout human history there are repeated instances of occult adepts materializing their Doubles both before and after their physical deaths.  Those who are ignorant of such information are simply ignorant and have no basis for their disbelief.  That poor old Robert Monroe cannot do it just means that his causal ego will just have to do better in the next personal life!