Nagual Perspective On The Tonal
by The Inheritor

The Nagual perspective on the Tonal is radically different from the Tonal perspective on the Nagual.  The Tonal, the social self, will try to acquire social power in the region of famous teachings and influencers in and around Carlos Castaneda.  Unable to access Personal Power through an awakening of the Nagual, the occultly excited Tonal opts for the lesser aim of social power through reading Carlos Castaneda books, making ineffectual experiments in dream-control, socially networking with other Castaneda freaks and even trying to put itself forward as an expert or teacher in all this.  When Juan Matus was alive, the Tonal seeker would sometimes try to physically hunt for Juan Matus as a determined volunteer, blatantly ignoring information in the book, The Power of Silence that explained that volunteers are not recruited or accepted by Naguals.  Any apprentice is brought by Power to a Nagual, not through seeking, hunting and recruitment.  False Naguals will advertise and recruit volunteers.  Carlos Castaneda, who was himself being groomed as the New Nagual, allowed his Tonal to indulge in recruiting volunteers in regard to the Magical Passes, thus creating a cult and effectively putting an end to a long line of Naguals.  I am myself a Nagual and I do not recruit or accept volunteers.  Therefore, it is totally inconsequential what various Castaneda seekers, “experts” and socializers may imagine about me one way or another, for I am not a Tonal occultist or shaman in competition for influence over the seeking, clutching or rejective Tonals who identify themselves with all the socializing that goes on superficially on the Web and elsewhere.  What really matters in all this is the understanding of the truth of the Tonal and the Nagual.  Careful meditation on the book, Tales of Power, is imperative.  Also helpful is the Zen teaching on Host and Guest as can be found in the book of Charles Luk, Ch’an and Zen Teaching, Series Two.  Another parallel perspective from the Sufi tradition can be found in the book, Rumi The Persian, by A. Reza Arasteh, where the interface of Social Self and Cosmic Self is exhaustively studied.


I am the Inheritor of the Nagual Transmission precisely by the Nagual Truth or Spirit Perspective in this article.  I am not selling anything or gathering volunteers in Mexico, Europe or anywhere else.  My life is lived on a current of Power that began for me over thirty years ago when a reading of the book, Journey To Ixtlan, opened a door for me in the Mojave Desert in California near Death Valley.  My entry into the world of the Naguals took place independently of Carlos Castaneda and Juan Matus, though I have often met with Juan Matus and others of his line in the Realm of the Naguals.  All Naguals know who is and is not awake and functional in their own realm.  When the seeking and bragging occultist Tonals try to judge matters pertaining to this or that Nagual, they only lead themselves around and around in circles of social frustration, ambition and attempts to have influence.  Their aims are fame, money and sexual recruitment, so their personal power is weak and their Spirit experiences inconsequential.  This website is the only website of a living Nagual as such on the Web, so pay attention.  Stop being a Tonal and let your Nagual awaken.


The Nagual sees people, beings and configurations that pertain to the Nagual.  The Tonal looks at people, beings and configurations that pertain to the Tonal.


If the Tonal goes through the motions of the Magical Passes, it becomes an aberrated Tonal; if the Nagual performs the Magical Passes, the advertised benefits described by Castaneda really do happen along with other things he did not talk about because he himself did not experience them.


If the eager Tonal travels in Mexico in search of a Nagual, it experiences trouble and misleading persons; if the sober, awakening Nagual travels in Mexico in search of the Way of Power, Power leads that individual to the necessary experiential connection.


If the Tonal reads the books of Carlos Castaneda, it feeds its own excitement and imaginings about itself; if the awakening Nagual reads the books of Carlos Castaneda, he learns to see what it was and is really all about, which causes his strange new life to unfold secretly beyond the outer social networks of the imitators and pretenders.


The Tonal remains firmly stuck in the books and known personages in and around the life of Carlos Castaneda; the awakening Nagual discovers unknown books and people of incredible significance in the World of Power.


The Way of the Nagual is there for the Freedom of the Spirit, not for making the Tonal into a socially important expert on the Way of the Nagual.  The judgments of others in the social field of Nagualism on the part of socially obsessed Castaneda freaks are not about the Naguals, but about the Tonals in and around the Castaneda movement in all its branches and convolutions.


Now, try to remember: The Nagual Perspective on the Tonal is radically different from the Tonal perspective on the Nagual.  Without the shift of your assemblage point to the Nagual Heightened Awareness you will only continue to build up your own useless nonsense about yourself and others in all this.  Power comes only to the awakening Nagual.  Power will make no compromise with your Tonal, your socializing self.  Suspend all your present judgments and conclusions about all this.  Your entire internal dialogue about all this has to stop.  Even this article cannot be understood but through Silent Knowledge.


Now, go on the Oracle and ask the one question you have been most afraid to ask.  Then listen to the answer in a state of Heightened Awareness.  Anything less will just be your usual game of your neurotic Tonal.  The Nagual perspective is everything.