Secrets Of The Eagle's Emanations
by The Inheritor

There are two books that every aspiring Nagual Siddha should study and meditate on side by side:


1.     Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within

(Simon and Schuster, 1984)


2.    Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati, Science Of Divinity (Brahma Vigyana) [Yoga Niketan Trust, Rishikesh, India, 1973]


The Nagual Seers, such as Juan Matus, have studied the Eagle’s Emanations as manifestations visible to the subtle Second Attention that are of the Unknowable, whereas Yogeshwaranand, a Rajayogi Siddha of India, has studied the selfsame Radiations of Brahma as manifestations visible to the causal Third Attention that are Unknown from that higher perspective and therefore can be intelligently mapped out and understood.


The Nagual Seers give an extremely pragmatic treatment of the world’s real metaphysical environment that is very useful to the developing consciousness of a human being.  The Rajayogi Siddhas give an extremely theoretical treatment of the world’s real metaphysical environment that is very useful to the developing understanding of a human being.


Since both kinds of Occult Knowledge are available, only petty, stupid and exclusivistic clingers to Castaneda on the one hand or Yogeshwaranand on the other hand would reject the other contribution and inevitably stunt and delay their higher human development in that way.  Be clear therefore what it really means when Western Castaneda “experts” try to piss down on Indian Yoga or when Western “experts” on Indian Yoga try to piss down on Mexican Nagualism.  In either case, we are dealing with an incomplete and misleading self-appointed false authority.


We need, in addition to the parallel knowledge from both sources, the actual experiential development of our subtle Second Attention and our causal Third Attention.  What then becomes the new Unknowable is the view of the Eagle’s Emanations or Radiations of Brahma in the Fourth Realm of the Fourth Attention, which both Juan Matus and Yogeshwaranand fell short of.  Fourth Realm Knowledge and Supracausal Fourth Attention are the first Divine level of human development.  Sooner or later all sorts of New Age “experts” on both Nagualism and Indian Yoga will have to confess (at least to themselves) that they have incomplete metaphysical knowledge and inadequate spiritual experience.


There are also Western “experts” on the Sufism of Idries Shah or the Vajrayana Buddhism of Chögyam Trungpa who know virtually nothing about the Eagle’s Emanations (Radiations of Brahma) because they exclusively cling to one of those two hopelessly inadequate traditions of occult semi-ignorance.


Wider occult and spiritual knowledge is indispensable to higher human evolution of real individuals beyond the superficial Tonal (Social Self), just as direct experiential development of higher states and dimensions of Attention should not be self-neglected!  Unfortunately, the vast majority of visitors to this (or other) Castaneda Websites, are pseudo-occult “experts” who are pretending or else mere curiosity-seekers looking for “miracles” and cheap access to “personal power”.  The philosopher, Martin Heidegger, has well-described the They-self (Tonal) as an inauthentic human being-here who is caught-up in the foolish distractions of Idle Talk and Curiosity.  The Internet has thus simply amplified Collective Existential Failure.  Only rare individuals will understand this issue, which is also why “volunteers” cannot generally become Nagual Apprentices.  Everything that went wrong with Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Cult as described by Amy Wallace is a poignant case-in-point, just as everything going wrong with Merilyn Tunneshende’s New Age Cult is becoming another example.  The list of Cults of Volunteers is growing.


There are important Secrets of the Eagle’s Emanations (Radiations of Brahma) that require unprejudiced understanding and direct perception.  Anyone who fails to do these things is just another ignorant, conceited and foolish occult and spiritual failure.  This is the truth of the matter for anyone serious enough and real enough to wake up to it.  So, do yourself a favor and deeply study and reflect on both the recommended books, which will prepare you for higher experiences and possible higher helpful connections beyond the stupid cults and traditions.  Also give up your own urge to teach or create a following, if you suffer from such idiotic Tonal Ambition.


Also keep in mind that even though I have criticized the semi-ignorant spiritual and occult modern schools of the Sufis and the Vajrayana Buddhists, it does not mean they have not made some indispensable contributions to higher human development.  If you have not read all the works of Idries Shah and Chögyam Trungpa, having read even all the works of Carlos Castaneda or Swami Yogeshwaranand will not help you!  So, read everything that matters and learn to Voidwalk and do Kriyayoga.  You have to do at least these things.  Just hoping that a “blessing” of Mother Meera, Sant Ji Maharaj or Muktananda type of “Shaktipat Intensive” will give you ultimate experiences and justify your ignorance, is indeed the height of silly gullibility, which is hardly any better than massive doses of LSD.  Many of us have tried these kinds of things and more, but sooner or later we have to progress and make indispensable efforts of both practice and study.