A UFOs Alien Contact Report
On Galactic Education
By Gabriel Chiron


I want to file a UFOs Alien Contact report to my fellow humans of the planet Earth.  Sociologically, a few will know it is authentic and important, though the majority will only apathetically believe it, disbelieve it or not even bother to read it at all, and these last of course are the vastly overwhelming majority.


I recently (April 2007) personally visited another planet in our Galaxy.  I was not told its name or exact interstellar location.  I was taken there by some little, dwarf-like beings, but not from Sirius B, but more like the people from Arcturus who Betty Andreasson visited.  When I arrived, I found myself being conducted by a tallish extraterrestrial guide on a tour of a huge galactic exchange student complex as big as a city of millions of inhabitants of nothing but administrators, staff, teachers and millions of students.  All were from diverse planets of diverse races throughout our Galaxy.


It was explained to me that all the students were the organic equivalent, each according to their own genetic profile, of Earth older children of pre-puberty between the ages of nine (9) and eleven (11) years.  They were studying in selectively grouped composite “aliens” for both mutual galactic socialization and learning the actual subjects.


My guide let me roam about and observe quite freely.  I became attracted and rather fascinated by a particular group of the galactic children.  They were intensely studying and solving mathematical problems in N-dimension Geometry, which, as you know is only studied at the higher university level on Earth.  Upon witnessing this, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of immense sadness toward Earth and its retarded humanity.  The school-teachers of Earth are so stupid and distracted (through no fault of their own) and the children of Earth are so stupid and distracted (again, through no fault of their own), that it became more obvious to me than it has ever been that even when The Quarantine, the deliberate isolation of Earth humanity, is lifted by the galactic authorities under Divine Command (if we can call it that), humanity, both adults and children, are so retarded, backward and emotionally disturbed, that they are incapable of fully participating in galactic commerce, culture or education.  In fact, genuinely objective comparison of Earth humanity with the prevailing endless diversity of much more intelligent and developed peoples of the Galaxy is inevitably going to cause extreme depression and occasional suicides among hopeful, emotionally excited future star-travelers from the Earth.  Even now I am told that advanced Extraterrestrial psychologists are at work understanding experimental guest-colonies of quasi-abducted humans from Earth to see how to handle ignorant, retarded and neurotic human beings under the care of intelligently sensitive and compassionate Alien doctors and nurses so to speak.  


Some people of our human race have got to start facing the implications of all this if there is to be any viable future humanity on and from the Earth.  This means some have to start going way beyond “Exo-politics” and Courtney Brown!  So far, even our very best thinkers-about Extraterrestrial Intelligence, as well as our best Remote Viewers, and Alien Contactees, are not getting the job done.


Try to comprehend somehow within your limited Earthbound “consciousness” (if that is what you call it) that the Galaxy is for the most part highly populated and that faster-than-light-spacetravel is common and humdrum.  Humanity is galactically classified as 66.6% subhuman, which means that it is only because they are protected by The Quarantine that certain rather crude and cruel Alien fringe groups, such as certain unevolved Reptilian races, which are not the only ones, could be potentially allowed by Cosmic Law to hunt, kill and eat the Subhuman Humans of Earth if and when the Quarantine is lifted.  Secretly, behind the scenes, things like that are already being allowed to happen, just as reported by David Icke.  Insane humanity and its insanely criminal abusive political and economic leaders are already themselves carrying on increasing war crimes, torture and abuse of the monkey-peoples of Iraq and even in their own nations.  In Japan, for instance, many Japanese have been taught by the Reptilians to break open the skulls of live monkeys and eat their living, raw brains out of their heads.  If the New World Order in America, Britain and Europe keep going the way they are going, a retribution by Cosmic Law may allow certain Reptilians to massively slaughter and devour not only the more pure brains from the heads of children, but from masses of adults who are less pure, but more cruel “fun” for the permitted Reptilians.  This is no joke!


The upper 33.3% of slightly intelligent and slightly non-criminal but still unbelievably stupid and neurotic humans of Earth (even if classified as “Human” or having activated, evolving human “souls” [causal bodies]), will thus be the only ones who do not under Cosmic Law deserve to be microchipped and used as slaves by the evil New World Order and their Reptilian controllers underground on this planet Earth.  The upper 33.3% deserve a better quality survival and a reasonably progressive New Age for their basically stupid, ignorant and emotionally excited Slow Progress in the future of our already overly damaged planet, if a future is going to be allowed and promoted any longer for the Earth, which is still under debate in Cosmic Circles at this time, or so I am told.


The Galaxy, all on Earth should sooner or later learn, is not vast virgin planets with only a few with Life, even fewer up-to-speed as primitive and inferior races waiting for governance from Earth humanity.  The stars are not waiting for Earth humanity exploration and conquest as in Star Trek!  In fact, the kind of Earth human projections into “Outer Space” over the past sixty plus years tend to resonantly magnetize aggressive, predatorial galactic fringe races toward the Earth humanity for potential abuse.  Abusive races tend to attract abusive races who can be more abusive and powerful than Earth humanity and its foolish leaders.


Some relatively advanced human groupings of Earth could be potentially rescued and given refuge with experimental colonies from Earth that are already there.  But again, this is a logistical nightmare for benign Galactic Forces once the New World Order and their Dark Reptilian Controllers would come to hear about it and see it happening.  It could even lead to some conflicts, resistances and skirmishes of some kind, which means very careful negotiation has to take place.


Because humanity is being made ever more rapidly sick, insane and over-governed along with obvious destruction of the eco-system of the planet, the Final Resolution of all this must take place very soon.  The governance of the Earth from within and behind humanity has now become so lying, abusive, corrupt and lawless, that any viable future for human beings here is being rapidly destroyed.


Basically there are seven (7) fundamental classifications or levels of human bodies on the planet Earth.  To understand this, read In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky where the Armenian Sarmoun Sufi, Gurdjieff, explains it.  So this means the present Cosmic Transition Crisis of Earth humanity requires and receives seven (7) levels and groupings of extraterrestrial presence and intervention to be harmoniously coordinated.  No human consciousness on Earth can possibly comprehend or register the complexity and scope of such an operation.  Hopeful humans looking at the night sky in their backyards to see “UFOs” or “meet Aliens” have not got a clue what is going on.  Nothing reported on Jeff Rense or such Websites even scratches the surface of Galactic Extraterrestrial presence or the inbuilt tensions in that multivarious, multilevel operation.


What you can do as an individual is to simply open your consciousness to the full truth of all this and give yourself a major paradigm shift about the state of Earth humanity in the Galaxy.  I am not asking you to “believe” anything.  I guarantee that Extraterrestrial Intelligence does not give a damn what you believe, for those who look at it only do so in their collective profiling about what may or may not be done for collective human groupings on various levels.  You are too insignificant.  As for your fellow men and women of Earth, they are already too far gone for you to be of much help.  A little networking on the Web is about all you can do, and the vast majority of that will remain shallow, stupid, arrogant and neurotic.  Those who are “interested” in these concerns all have their silly, wholly inadequate, theories and speculations that destroy all possible learning or real Higher Intuition.  It is a sociological mess, if you don’t already know this.


 “Did Gabriel Chiron really visit a Galactic education planet?” is a totally stupid and meaningless question!  The real question, if you dare to ask it, is:

 “If Gabriel Chiron did visit such a planet and if his implications of all this as spelt out are true, then what do we most have to start learning about?”  Think of all this as a scenario for scenario planning of the imminent possible future of Earth Humanity.  It is quite enough to simply suspend disbelief and do some real thinking.









©2007 Gabriel Chiron