Extraterrestrial Psychic Intervention
By Gabriel Chiron

There are growing signs of supradimensional psychic intervention of a cosmic nature, which we see as possibly growing numbers of political and mass-media leaders showing signs of stronger inner conscience, ethical awareness and desire to eliminate criminal behavior of government leaders, such as Bush (and Blair), and put a stop to the machinations of New World Order Bilderbergers, Neoconservatives and New Labour.  Current voting trends by people in Europe against New World Order privatization and other backroom totalitarian schemes are a good sign, as are the new, more honest polls in America that show the unpopularity of the falsely elected U.S. president and his criminally insane associates.


How does Psychic Intervention work?  Great Extraterrestrial Souls come strongly into the weak minds of leaders in government and media, throwing out the dark controlling subtle entities, such as Icke’s hidden reptilians and others not named by Icke who constitute all such obsessing dark-minded entities of a Lovecraftian Great Old Ones nature.  The influx of ethical Extraterrestrial Souls, would be those classified as the Elder Gods.  Of course, for most of the humanity of Earth, all of whom dwell in Cosmic and Supradimensional ignorance, any turn-around-for-the-better will be attributed to ordinary human influencers, such as Amnesty International, Jeff Rense and so on.  But this is O.K., as long as things start getting sustainably better and better.


If Extraterrestrial Psychic Intervention continues to increase, we could very well see by 2013 AD an actual Extraterrestrial Physical Intervention to support the central good of all and root-out recalcitrant negative military forces, including underground non-human elements.  All of this would constitute a Divine and Cosmic real weeding of the garden Earth to give humanity a chance for real evolution and an ending of Cosmic and Supradimensional ignorance.  The isolation of the Earth in the Galaxy, the Universe and beyond would thus be ended.  A truly harmonious, globally viable, world government would also be created and maintained under Extraterrestrial facilitation and advisement, which would not in any way resemble the present Bilderberg Evil Insane New World Order (BEINWO) plan for killing eighty percent of humanity and retaining the survivors as microchipped slaves of a corrupt, stupid and soulless, false “elite”.




©2005 Gabriel Chiron