Liberating Possibilities of Communion
With Benign Superior Alien Beings
By Gabriel Chiron

There are benign superior alien beings present at various times near or even upon our planet Earth who operate wholly outside the various aerial titillation or abduction projects that alternately excite or disturb the intellectually dysfunctional masses of those human persons of the Earth who like to involve themselves with UFO’s and Aliens.  These higher kinds of Alien Beings can actually help release you from oppressive government authorities, agents or any kind of corrupt, mentally twisted control freaks.  This higher connection, however, requires that you stay alert to the real issue of personal freedom, dignity, privacy and development without imagining that you can or should “change the world”.  This means you stop blurting out your real views to people in your life who are not ready for them.  You must learn to consciously commune with the higher Aliens in deepest privacy and secrecy.  You must do this without trying to drag your relatives or superficial friends with you.  You must realize that you are embarking on the beginning of a cosmic pilgrimage that dull normal materialistic humanity cannot conceive or go on.


Can you put aside your usual concerns about UFO’s and Aliens and look into the deeper and more personally sensitive area where you know you need a valid subtle but real connection with cosmic help?  This means you are deciding to shift into a whole new approach to all this because you have begun to see that the old approach people go on is meaningless and empty, that all the usual excitements and arguments about this subject never lead anywhere.


A good way to begin is by admitting to yourself that you are really quite new and inexperienced in the kind of thing we are recommending here.  Merely agreeing logically or emotionally will not get you through the psychic entry barrier.  You are going to have to activate another faculty which cannot function the way your material intellect tackles the subject of Alien presence nor where you are psychologically disturbed about your social standing or attractiveness to other over-confident and cosmically ignorant people.


All of my articles on this particular website have been constructed to enlighten you about certain issues of Extraterrestrial Intelligence that can reach you in no other way.  By carefully studying these materials you can attune your inner cosmic radar, which prepares you to activate the missing supracognitive faculty.  This particular website is a part of an extensive Alien supracognitive effort on behalf of a tiny little percentage of humanity.  It will have zero effect on the majority of those who are caught up in their social games with one another about how many people believe or disbelieve this or that in regard to Aliens.



©2005 Gabriel Chiron