Missing Dimensions
of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
By Gabriel Chiron


Most interest in Extraterrestrial Intelligence on the Earth these days is not actually direct and real interest in E.T.I. itself, but much more of a social concern about what large groups of people believe or disbelieve about E.T.I.  The interest is sociological and political as to who are the winners in the game of influencing people to believe or disbelieve in this or that theory or story about E.T.I.  Hence the missing dimensions of Extraterrestrial Intelligence pertain to an individual’s own private experience or non-experience of E.T.I.


Human beings are very social animals.  Reporting a “light in the sky” or getting one’s friends or family members to “see it too” seems to be more thrilling and important than one’s own immediately meaningful experience.  If one is, for instance, cognitively gifted enough to receive a telepathic message from an E.T.I., it is rarely received as personal help or guidance to be privately acted upon, but rather one wants others to believe in it as important “material” for impressing people and gathering them into a zealous following.  Very little of such “material” therefore recommends that “channelers” stop trying to be socially important about E.T.I.  Why are extraterrestrials supposedly relying so heavily on telepathic channelers to get their messages to mankind instead of raining down leaflets and booklets from obvious flying discs or spaceships?  I know from my own experience and that of others that some people do indeed receive telepathic communication from E.T.I., but I also know there is a lot of deluded “material” out there both from and through dubious, silly sources. Why would a superior intelligence be so inefficient and silly in their communications?  Why would a superior intelligence put itself seemingly under the control of vain, idiotic and abusive human channels of transmission to humanity?  These are the kind of questions that sober, intelligent and straight-forward human beings have to ask.


There are missing dimensions in the issues in and around the presence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence toward Humanity.  There is a very fundamental evasiveness coupled with what seems to be deliberate stimulation of endlessly superficial believing and disbelieving in various societies and segments of society on Earth.  This makes up an invisible and incomprehensible pattern of E.T.I. behavior above and beyond all the self-appointed human experts on the planet who claim to have the right interpretation everyone should follow. Even direct abductees like Whitley Strieber play this social authority game to various degrees.  Their personal experience seems to be less important to them than manipulating and controlling or influencing the non-experiencers in some way.  Social Expansion outweighs Cosmic Meaning.


When people are behaving as social herd-animals or sheep about E.T.I., they are subject to manipulation through propaganda and psy-ops, as when the Black American Government produced films like Independence Day and Signs to try and make the masses afraid of “Aliens”.  They have even done pseudo-alien “abductions” and tortured their abductees to give the impression that “Aliens” torture people.  The Black American Government is therefore shooting to create a negative belief in the believers where they cannot create disbelief through debunking.  But the point is that none of that has anything whatsoever to do with the actual quality of any given individual’s own private experience or even intuition of E.T.I.


Socially concerned belief and disbelief are quantitative, not qualitative.  Too much concern is with “how many” believe or disbelieve this or that about the subject of E.T.I.  It is the actual quality of your own personal connection, experience, telepathy or intuition that is everything for you.  Even a dream you have about E.T.I. is more important for you than what others believe or disbelieve.  But those who want to build-up their authority about E.T.I. do not want you looking directly into the E.T.I. presences for yourself.  They want to capture you into their socially expansive influencing and controlling trips.  They are people wanting to control people about E.T.I. They are therefore more concerned about people than they are about E.T.I.  In fact, deep down inside they are jealous of people who have far-out cosmic experiences because they cannot get such experiences.


Extraterrestrial Intelligence is there as a mystery in and around our world that is not going to dance to the tune of the government or the self-appointed experts and interpreters.  To look into a mystery is a deeply personal act with no social aim whatsoever.  The social aim prevents choiceless awareness, it blocks off exploration of the Unknown, which is basic to all learning.  Increasing social interest and belief in E.T.I. is below the level of learning.  It is merely emotional excitement which is subject to authority and manipulation.  The U.F.O. and E.T.I. experts and authorities are useless because they want attention on them rather than directly and personally on what it is supposedly all about.  The Earthbound experts and authorities are nothing but useless and ignorant local savages of the island Earth in reference to the Real Universe.  The understanding of this is essential to the awakening of our own higher intelligence and cosmic perspective.


Your own direct glimpse or interaction with E.T.I. is what is most important for you regardless of how subtle and intangible it may be.  The vast mystery of life and intelligence that pervades the Universe includes the Earth in spite of the shallow social games humanity play with themselves through vanity and stupidity, through manipulation and distraction.  In fact, the extant mystery of E.T.I. is far more serious and profound than the kind of spurious and silly curiosity and social concern it gets from the vast majority of its “interested” people who pursue the subject in T.V. programs, literature and on the Web.


Having heard all this, if you have really been listening, what new action or thinking about E.T.I. will you now personally undertake?  Do you understand this directly urgent challenge?



©2004 Gabriel Chiron