Alien Consciousness
By Gabriel Chiron

You cannot “think” about Alien Consciousness.  It is completely beyond your so-called “science”, your socially organized analysis, your beliefs, speculations and hopeful fantasies.  You can perhaps have an effect on other people’s minds as a shared excitement, which is so obviously immature and fruitless.  Alien Consciousness is simply not available to your all-too-normal mental activity.  To access Alien Consciousness requires the clarity of a silent awareness beyond the noisy brain of so-called “thinking”.


Whatever the various UFO and ETI experts are saying about Alien Consciousness is for the most part useless because the experts are themselves not conscious beings.  Unawareness cannot understand Awareness.  The emotional vanity of the Earthbound mind cannot possibly comprehend Cosmic Mind.  That is why most interpretations of UFOs, abductions and so on are just useless fanning of the air.


Alien Consciousness is about Consciousness.  It is necessary to understand this, which means that you might get closer to Alien Consciousness in a Zen hall than a UFO conference where the interpreters and manipulators exercise their ridiculous evaluations to large audiences of eager but immature enthusiasts.


Alien Consciousness for all of us on Earth is actually a provocation to become more conscious, to enter into states of Heightened Awareness.  That is why the writings of someone like J Krishnamurti are actually as alien for us as writings of the mystic philosophers of other planets of other suns in our galaxy and beyond.  Such writings are about Heightened Awareness, which gets us truly closer to Alien Consciousness than reading Budd Hopkins, Stanton Friedman or even Whitley Strieber.


The Seer-Sorcerer of Mexico, Juan Matus, in his instructions to Carlos Castaneda about human consciousness and the shifting of consciousness in other dimensions beyond the normal everyday familiar world could in some senses help us prepare for more meaningful interaction with Alien Consciousness.  Juan Matus is offering to us an entire practical science of pragmatic mastery of Heightened Awareness.  Such mastery will get us much more inside Alien Consciousness than trying to puzzle out the explanations of Betty Hill, Betty Andreason or Billy Herman about what happened to them.


Cognitive science explains science more than it explains cognition.  Science cannot understand consciousness, whether human or Alien, because they narrow and limit their own consciousness and thinking through prejudicial unquestioned materialism.  Alien Consciousness cannot be explained in fact by either science or religion as humanity has constructed them.  Since we humans of Earth have not understood our own consciousness, have not developed an existential insight into Conscious Being itself, how will we have any meaningful insight about Alien Conscious Being?  There are profound philosophical issues here that cannot be escaped or got rid of by our superficial excitements, social tensions and government cover-ups about Aliens.


What is the actual nature or quality of our interest in Aliens?  This is the question each of us has to ask ourselves.  How we answer this question will tell us our potential (or lack of potential) for Cosmic Consciousness.



We can and should do real thinking about both Human consciousness and Alien consciousness.  The thinking we need to suspend is our pseudo-thinking that inhabits our neurotic emotional mind of our social self.  Real thinking is truly conscious thinking, which means it is completely beyond the politics and sociology surrounding “UFOs” or “ETI”.  It is completely beyond the silly discussions of whether Aliens are “real” or not.  How can people who are not truly conscious people living in genuine cosmic Reality decide what is “real” or not?  We do not need them for anything about Alien Consciousness.  What we need is our own awakening to a higher awareness.  What unconscious, socially automatized idiots believe or disbelieve toward one another is not our true challenge in all this.


Recently I was sitting in a dentist's chair with a light in my face for a rather lengthy dental session when I was bemused to discover, after a lifetime of conscious interactions with Alien Consciousness of various races of our Galaxy, that I actually had hidden memories of unconscious, forgotten interaction with the Zeta Reticulans (not to be confused with the Lunar Little Grays) in what I believe was most probably my late childhood; a classical “abduction” type of event.  So there I was, suddenly communing with Zeta Alien Consciousness quite vividly in the dental chair.  As a result of this recollection, I realized that it is utterly meaningless whether human society of our planet “believes” my particular contacts with Aliens or not.  The only thing that concerns me is the actual meaning of both Alien Consciousness and my own interaction with it, both consciously and unconsciously.


The first meaning that has occurred to me most intensely is the timeless quality of the recollected experience.  The second meaning, and I believe this particularly applies to the Zetas, who are quite collectivistic, is that my experience was not of being an individual bodily ego being examined by an individual bodily ego of an Alien Race, but rather that a node of the Zeta Race was examining a node of our Human Race.  But it was not like “The Borg” of Star Trek examining a captured Human ego.  This nodal interaction was a joint experience of both nodes, of myself and the other, as a communal exercise of the Consciousness that pervades our Solar System with the Consciousness that pervades their Solar System; the meeting of two deities through their nodes.


To understand Alien Consciousness therefore requires not only Heightened Awareness, but a capacity of telepathic nodal blending of consciousness, which is not a loss or destruction of individuality, but something more like what Karl Jaspers calls “The Encompassing”.  This also explains why memories of such experiences can be buried so deeply.  They are other-dimensional states of superconsciousness that our ordinary consciousness has nowhere to put.  Carlos Castaneda, for instance, took many years to recollect interactions in the realms of Nagual Seer-ship that he had in states of Heightened Awareness.


The implications of all this are of great importance for the development of superconsciousness in human beings in the future who survive the coming destruction and begin to travel consciously in the Galaxy and interact with Alien Consciousness.  You are therefore advised to contemplate Nodal Interaction as a potential field of new, altered consciousness.


Another implication for those interested in abduction experiences of “Missing Time”, is that the forgetfulness that human “abductees” experience is actually more natural and less artificially induced than most researchers and abductees believe.  Fresh thinking about this could bring greater shared insights and understandings to humanity about what they are actually dealing with.


So there it is.  We can open a whole new field of personal, private contemplation on Alien Consciousness and learn to enter into it more deliberately and consciously through developing telepathic nodal ability in states of heightened awareness.  It is through superconsciousness that unconsciousness becomes raised into consciousness.  We can say goodbye to the hypnosis techniques of abduction investigators and say hello to our cosmic provocateurs.






©2005 Gabriel Chiron