The Cosmic Apathy of Humanity
Is Getting Worse
By Gabriel Chiron

The cosmic apathy of humanity is getting worse.  The number of people who seek out and thoroughly process available real information from or about Extraterrestrial Intelligence is decreasing.  This of course is to be expected in the light of the falling I-Q. or ability-to-think in America, Britain, Europe and Australia.  The all-pervasive television lobotomy of the dull masses is winning the day for the corrupt, lying and perverse political and economic leaders.


No matter how significant or far-out any discovery about Aliens and the true history of the planet Earth may be, it is of virtually zero interest for humanity, even when it may significantly shape the future of humanity.  Of course humanity is stuck in cognitive dissonance in regard to obvious things like global warming, chemtrails, GM crops, wars for oil and manipulation of terrorism for creating a global police state.  How then can we possibly expect an awakening of intelligent and systematic concern about Extraterrestrial Intelligence?  We haven’t even got beyond shallow tripe like, “Do you believe in UFO’s”?  Apathy and stupidity go hand in hand.  This allows governments to have a field day at cover-ups of Alien activities on and near the Earth, as well as at creating and maintaining disinformation about the subject.  The sheer crap in movies like Independence Day and Signs has never been corrected, for instance.  The masses all over our planet accepted the disinfo without a whimper of protest, without an activation of genuine investigation of real cosmic information.  The stink lingers on with all the other shit the governments pump into the unconscious layers of the mass-hypnotized mind of stupid humanity.


There is hardly more that can be said about all this when one realizes that virtually no one is listening and thinking.  Humanity is intellectually and spiritually dead on the whole.  The cosmic mass destruction and death will simply underscore the inner death that has already happened.  Human beings on the whole are empty and false, neurotic and superficial.  Have you not noticed that people are more boring and draining than ever on average?  They mill about in the shopping malls with worried, tired expressions and glazed eyes.  They cannot register that they are mentally and physically ill.  They are all conforming to a degenerating norm.  They are all too willing to accept the hideous New World Order plan for a global all-poisoning privatization police state.  No wonder that they cannot spark any real interest in Spiritual or Extraterrestrial realms of extended Reality.


Are you processing cosmic and spiritual information for real?  Are you really thinking and meditating on all this?  Are you awakening?  Or are you all too normal and complacent as another daydreaming vegetable-head or witty and cynical biological robot with a computer captured brain of post-modern mediocrity?



©2005 Gabriel Chiron