Exploring Extraterrestrial Reality
By Gabriel Chiron

The human race and its government leaders are just not getting it about Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Valid cosmic information is not being adequately processed, which has produced a massively fractured, fragmentary farce throughout the world of Earth in regard to the subjects in and around Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  The popular websites and literature about all this know virtually nothing about Extraterrestrial Reality in spite of over fifty years of diverse revelations, presentations and overt phenomena.  Human consciousness is obviously broken up into spheres of prejudice or Socially Constructed Realities that cannot comprehend Cosmic Reality, Extraterrestrial Reality.  What is happening is therefore a pathetic political and sociological game that various “experts” and “contactees” play with each other for an audience of ignorant idiots.  Each ridiculously limited cosmogony gets its share of useless adherents.


In the Post-modern Era, not only is Reality on Earth no longer what it used to be, but Reality throughout the Universe has yet to be.  We are thus suspended in a dark and troubled Present between a petty, prejudicial Past and a drooling, deluded Future.  


According to the Ummo people, each planetary race in any star system of any galaxy will project a “Real Universe” in accordance with their racially shared cognitive capabilities and preferences of interpretation as a Planetary Constructed Reality the Ummos call a WAAM.  The Real Universe thus becomes something like a WAAM-WAAM, or a totality of all the actual projected conceptual schemes or cosmologies taken as one.  To quote the Ummos, “We create the illusion of a great richness of schemes of ontological possibilities.”


The humanity of Earth is so ignorant, so uninquiring, so unevolved and intellectually incapable that it has not even begun to enter the field of Cosmological Ontology.  We haven’t even guessed yet on Earth how far out the Reality Problem actually goes.  Along with this, we have not yet conceived of a Cosmic God or Lord of the Universe as a Cosmological Theology nor have we comprehended the metaphysical issues of the inner levels of spiritual existence of a human being along the lines of Cosmological Anthropology, which includes the subject of causal-bodied souls being shipped in lots around the Universe and being planted on various planets through forced incarnation.


If present trends are any indication, the human race will not get commonly into these subjects in a serious way for perhaps a million years.  So, if we are going to try to persuade people to get serious about truly serious subjects, we have a very long wait ahead of us to see any meaningful fruit of the effort.  This is such a gloomy, distasteful prospect that I suspect that all Immortal Ultraterrestrials on Earth sooner or later opt out for lack of real students who truly want to learn the cosmological and evolutionary subjects and practices that really count for something of real intelligence and ecstatic intuition.  The Immortal Ultraterrestrial sets up shop on more promising planets beyond the stupid and insane humanity of Earth.  I myself would never agree to remain on this Earth for a million years.  Even a few more thousand years would be asking too much.  The planet Earth is incredibly retarded and very little uplift of any real consequence is possible in the foreseeable future, providing humanity survives at all, which itself requires some form of Extraterrestrial Intervention.


I have met with Ummos and I found them too brainy and lacking in spiritual intuition, but I do enjoy some aspects of their Cosmological Ontology.  They, on the other hand, did not enjoy my concerns about spiritual intuition and quantum energy development of the physical body and cognitive neurosystem.  I did have one Ummo student for awhile (a bright lady with a tendency toward accelerated evolution).  She got permission to study with me under some obscure program.  However, even she was so brainy and ponderous that I eventually decided I was personally overinvested in her.  Still, compared to the quality of prospective students here on Earth, she was brilliant and fantastic.  Her name was Uueena.  I have not forgotten her and always wish her well.  As for the number of people on Earth who could credit and understand my effort with the Ummo people, it borders on nil for a variety of obvious reasons.


Extraterrestrial Multiple Reality, WAAM-WAAM, will not be a pragmatic concern of humanity on our Earth.  This entire article is clearly a non-starter for the most part.  I entertain myself.  I imagine a human reader with a genuinely cosmic perspective that is intellectually active.


According to the Ummos, the Total Real Universe is AIOODI, the Inaccessible Entity.  So they have also said,

 “We have told you that AIOODI is the Entity that does not manifest to us as is but is distorted, broken up into multiple forms (WAAM-WAAM).”


This concept of AIOODI is right at the intellectual core of Extraterrestrial Reality.  It is a purely non-dogmatic open-ended Ontological Mystery.  In this light, we will never get a homomorphic match with clear Reality because our subjective cognitive system is always a distorting and limiting faculty, not an omniscience, not what Thomas Nagel calls, The View From Nowhere which would be Absolute Objectivity.  What we can and even should do is learn how cosmological learning works.  Every now and then we need to deconstruct our cosmogony into its fundamental elements followed by reconfiguring it with new elements into a better, highly improved cosmogony.  We thus move from C1 to C2 to C3 and so on to CN, but never able to arrive at C or Absolute Total Reality.  Real Cosmological Ontology is thus an endless journey from Cosmogony to New Cosmogony.  Exploring Extraterrestrial Reality is therefore an open-ended cognitive adventure beyond the stupidity of humanity.  We do not arrive at a Final Absolute Truth or what Richard Rorty calls a Final Vocabulary.  Whatever Grand Truth we arrive at is only what Edward de Bono calls Prototruth.  Prototruth is just the best Truth we have put together so far after our latest deconstruction.


Extraterrestrial Reality is a cosmological learning process.  The Search For Truth must sooner or later go beyond the Earthbound cosmogonies, philosophies and religions, all of which dwell on a planet of virtual savagery.  To get you started on becoming more fully and truly human and intelligent, there are two significant books:


1.                      UFO Contact from Planet UMMO.

2.                      UFO Contact from IARGA.


Interestingly these two volumes came from serious investigation of two extraterrestrial contactees in Europe (Netherlands and Spain).  They both introduce aspects of Cosmological Ontology that are almost wholly lacking in the emotionally dramatic and sensationalist reports of American and British contactees.  This causes me to predict that any slightly intelligent reader of this article will probably be a European and not American or British.  American and British thinking are not only deluded on the political and economic level, but on cosmological and ontological levels as well.


  With those two volumes you can do your own beginning investigation of Extraterrestrial Multiple Constructed Reality.  Perhaps you are my lone imaginary European reader with a pro-active cosmic perspective.  Perhaps you are free enough of limiting prejudice and social distraction to do some serious all-out Search For Cosmic Truth.  This is itself of course an Existential question about the real nature and purpose of your Dasein, Being Here.  It obviously involves some real sociopsychological tension in your Earth-self, for nobody but nobody you are going to meet is really going to want to go into all this with you for real.  Your job therefore is to just go into it all for real in the privacy of your study.  Good luck.



©2005 Gabriel Chiron