An Extraterrestrial Mexican Standoff
By Gabriel Chiron


In spite of sixty years of blatant appearance of alien spacecraft (UFO’s), and actual encounters by human beings with extraterrestrial human beings, the interface between Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Humanity of Earth remains in a kind of Mexican Standoff where a superficial level of appearing and interacting is maintained by various alien races while the general governmental cover-ups and public ignorance remain unchanged.  The alien races connecting with humanity seem indisposed toward a more dramatically overt presence that would shift the sociological scale on Earth toward a more intelligent response from humanity as to the obvious but aloof presence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


The Extraterrestrial Intelligence policy toward intelligent human beings of the Earth seems to be that E.T.I. is waiting for human beings to demonstrate real learning ability.  Cosmic teachers cannot teach a local people who cannot present or give rise to individuals with a genuine awakening of cosmic learning potential.  People cannot learn from E.T.I. for the same reason that they cannot learn from advanced Sufis or other Ultraterrestrial Intelligences resident on Earth.  People of America and Europe have learning disabilities that prevent evolutionary breakthroughs in thinking and orientation.  In essence, Extraterrestrial Intelligence would like to see more would-be Alien Contactees study and understand Idries Shah’s excellent Sufi book, Learning How to Learn and then apply it to E.T.I. and not just to Earthbound Sufism or other Eastern traditions.  So, do you see yourself as a person with learning difficulties or do you stay locked into a kind of resentment toward superior intelligence that ignores and avoids you?  The way you answer this question might explain something important about E.T.I. that you haven’t really sunk your teeth into yet.


How you might handle yourself in any encounter with a superior human being, whether U.T.I. or E.T.I., is extremely important for you as an individual, whether collective humanity does or does not get a bigger Alien Phenomenal Lightshow.  This means that you will have to shift your mind from a sociological perspective to an existential perspective.  Instead of identifying with what does or does not happen to humanity, you learn to pay more attention to the real meaning of what does or does not happen to you.


Assume that Extraterrestrial Intelligence would like to see more human beings on Earth accepting the available cosmic information as a stimulus for evolutionary self-improvement through learning how to learn rather than trying to be expert investigators who might get more stupid, unevolutionary people believing in “Aliens” and “UFO’s”.  Extraterrestrial Intelligence can probably do more with Sufis then it can with the vast majority of Western believers and would-be contactees.  This is because Sufis have had over a thousand years of training and preparation to cope with the kind of problematic opportunity that Extraterrestrial Intelligence presents to potentially developmental human self-improvers on Earth.


All of this obviously goes way beyond waiting for the government to stop covering up or for Aliens to become more dramatically present to superficial thoughtless humanity.  It is a personal, existential issue for you that collective humanity cannot keep up with.  And do not forget that Extraterrestrial Intelligence has had plenty of time to observe useless cults and deluded cult leaders on the Earth, whether connected to Yoga, Meditation or Telepathic Channeling of Ramtha or other supposed E.T.I. personages.  The tendency of human beings to want to escape self-responsibility is still very great on the whole.  Would be contactees still want to be magically transported away from the karmas they have created for themselves on Earth, or they want Aliens to materialize gold or bring exciting lovers.  All of the secondary motives that prevent people from becoming developed Sufis also prevent them from becoming valid Alien Contactees.  People who are not personally viable on Earth are unlikely to become viable on an Alien planet even if some Alien race were foolish enough to bring deluded, selfish idiots there from Earth.  So, you have to face the very real possibility that advanced Aliens cannot help you for the same reason that Sufis cannot help you.  A colony of people like yourself on an Alien planet could be just as useless and non-developmental as the same colony forming on Earth in a valley in Canada as a hopeful New Age cult of believers in Ramtha or Bashar.


Extraterrestrial Intelligence may be providing you already with something you do not recognize precisely because you are too obsessed with getting personal attention from either advanced Aliens or advanced Siddhas of the Earth.  Why don’t you look into this idea of hidden E.T.I. providence?  You might get some interesting new perceptions, insights and even experiences.  Suddenly, Extraterrestrial Intelligence could have a whole new relevance for you beyond your feelings of resentment or distrust in regard to what you might regard as your “neglected isolation”.  With the voluntary ending of your psychological and sociological problems in and around the subject of Aliens, you might discover previously unseen connectivity and unusual resources.


Make a fresh start in all this!  Set aside your usual opinions and beliefs about Aliens and Cosmic Presences that you all too readily spout to anyone who will listen.  Learn how to learn.  Superior beings will ignore you until you do this.  We are not trying to insult you or complain about you, but We have to say that it remains incomprehensible to Us that you can still hope for certain things that have not been happening for a very good reason.  Our combined E.T and U.T. intelligence highly recommends that you increase moment by moment awareness of what you are actually doing and how you are actually being motivated.  Only this kind of real self-awareness will give you genuine destiny control on Earth and potentially in the Universe.  We are master observers of the subtleties of awareness and motivation, whereas even the self-styled “spiritual” people of Earth are amazingly caught-up in the crudities of overt material phenomena or the absence of it.  So do not look for a light as the end of your present tunnel, but instead investigate the real nature of the tunnel itself.  What you are going through about Us is not what you think it is.  This even applies immediately when We have Gabriel Chiron speak in direct Universal Mind mode, which is not channeling, but a natural function of Cosmic Consciousness.  We are the oneness of unlimited understanding of the ongoing problems of evolutionary orientation of the human mind of Earth humanity.  In such a complex and difficult multilevel situation that your world is in, it is not always easy for Us to know exactly what is needed from Us for any given individual at any given time.  This is compounded by the fact that almost invariably it is precisely nothing overt that is needed.  We do wish you well in your ongoing struggles with your own body, your own immediate circumstance and your presently sick and twisted human collectivity.


If you would like a final helpful hint, We recommend that you let yourself more deeply sense the Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial representatives of Universal Mind behind this particular interface or website who can subtly instruct you in higher dimensional work if you will develop a telepathic receptivity that you do not brag about or try to show-off to others, but keep to yourself so that it can grow in force and effectiveness.  We will wait for awhile in the area of your present location and see whether you can or cannot grasp a higher education opportunity.  You are not quite as totally left out of the Universe as you usually feel that you are.  Stop turning a self-responsibility problem into a cosmic isolation problem.  You are not left out of anything you need, but all too often you do not recognize your real needs because your mind veils them with your false needs.  So please learn to discriminate more deeply as to what is more mature and less mature in your approach to all this.  Without full self-monitoring and heart-searching you cannot expect much of cosmic development of your being, which leads to mistaken judgments as to what We are actually doing or not doing about you or others.


Please regard the “Mexican Standoff” of Extraterrestrial Intelligence versus Humanity of Earth as a precision learning opportunity for anyone who can look into the deeper and vaster implications of such an unusual situation.  We can see that you are starting to get into a more far-out mental space about all this or you would not have gone this far through this particular article, but would have dropped out as the majority of mediocre readers already have.  We are exploring your real inner space and you can count on that even if We seem to be too phenomenally aloof, detached and cool about “contact”.  Perhaps you will now take steps of inner contact and resonance that you have begun to now understand and feel in tune with.  If you want to dance, you have to hear the piper.



©2005 Gabriel Chiron