Reasons For Delay of
Extraterrestrial Intervention

By Gabriel Chiron


As everyone who reads my articles knows (which includes extraterrestrial readers, by the way, if you can handle it), I myself and other superintelligent people of cosmic understanding and perception on the planet Earth have been putting forth the Cosmic Command for an Extraterrestrial Intervention to put an end to evil governments and human suffering on this planet.  In fact, our issuing of Cosmic Command was long ago anticipated and prepared for.  Also anticipated was our accusation of wrongful hesitation and delay in taking action.  There has therefore been a Cosmic Response to Cosmic Command in the form of fresh information given to myself and others as to the reasons for present delay of a righteous, harmonious and benign Extraterrestrial Intervention.  So, I am now going to share some of this information with you, though you may find it somewhat beyond the scope of your worldview or cognitive ability to process such genuinely cosmic information.


  For quite some time, various benign and harmonious alien races have been abducting human beings from our Earth and removing them to experimental colonies on other planets in the Galaxy, thus forming new Earthly townships or villages of abductees in simulated Earthlike environments where the abductees are encouraged to form relationships with one another and begin a new life under Extraterrestrial supervision and guidance.  The idea was and continues to be one of seeing whether normal human beings in a quasi-intervention scenario can (A) psychologically withstand frequent direct interaction with Alien helpful Intelligence, (B) accept cosmic re-education, accelerated learning and information inculcation without “cracking up”, and (C) develop a genuine communal ethics or form of self-government that properly accommodates individual differences in taste, choice of work, need for solitude and the like without falling back into typical patterns of neurotic conflict, irresponsibility, cheating and corruption so natural and typical on Earth.  I and others have been direct witnesses of these colonies and their on-going problems, which are:

1.     There is considerable homesickness and sorrow of missing loved ones on Earth, as well as missing Earth and its environments, however debilitating they objectively were.  Also, outright fear and shock and mistrust of the Aliens create Alien Liaison problems that are difficult and discouraging for both well-meaning Aliens and their human “guests”.  Ordinary humans of average intelligence just do not do well in Alien Encounters of the Fifth Kind.  They tend to remain frightened and sometimes even violent or angry with extreme resentment at having been “unjustly captured and imprisoned”.

2.     It has been very difficult to impart a genuine learning ability in such human colonies, though some of the happier new couples will sometimes show some enthusiasm for learning, real thinking and extending the ability to enjoy and process unusual information.

3.     Attempts at developing a new kind of social, political, economic and ethical organization within the new off-Earth colonies is beset with all the typical organization problems we see on Earth in large companies and government agencies, as well as other communities, ghettos, and so forth.  Aliens do not make good organization consultants to Earthlike communities due to not being able to fully empathize with human socio-psychological emotional nuances.  Also, any Alien who gets involved with normal humans tends to become psychologically distorted and in need of being relieved of duty and requiring Alien psychological therapy.  Humans easily drive Aliens crazy!


Now, these discouraging results from the simulated intervention colonies of abducted humans do not bode well for Extraterrestrial Intervention on Earth.  Even with the best of intentions, benign Extraterrestrial Interveners would be treated with a considerable amount of fear, horror and shocked resistance by humanity.  There would also be very little willingness by humanity to accept Extraterrestrial education methods.  And, last but not least, the kind of governance and economic system best for collective humanity would not be rapidly accepted and worked-out by humanity due to mass stupidity, prejudice and wide-spread tendencies of unethical corruption and crime.  The entire Extraterrestrial occupation of the Earth would tend to mimic the attempted American occupation of Somalia or Iraq.


The Intergalactic Earth Intervention Committee is reluctant to forcibly enter into an attempt to rapidly sort-out human nature on Earth.  There would have to be massive military attacks on the entrenched Earth governments and their minions, such as the horrid Bilderbergs and their police state eco-destructive New World Order.  There are also entrenched criminal Aliens on the Earth, mainly certain Reptilians, who hold the Earth humanity hostage.  These hostage-takers have had thousands of years to warp human intelligence and maintain puppet governments on the Earth precisely to create massive human ignorance and resistance to benign intervention.  Weeding out those criminal Alien groups from the Earth cannot be done without extensive collateral damage, though there are plans in the works.  


Many Extraterrestrial think-tanks are of the opinion that the entrenched Reptilians and Bilderberg human black government should be allowed to destroy themselves and Earth humanity so as to redeploy the causal souls of Earth to other planetary spheres, much as depicted in the sci-fi movie, Lifeforce, where huge soul-collector ships were moved-in as humanity destroyed itself through contagious degeneration.  This remains a real possibility as a Cosmic Counter-Command.  In such a case, any harmonious reader of this article who is above average in intelligence with some degree of unprejudiced cosmic perspective and a program of regenerative self-improvement may find himself or herself evacuated by Aliens to a temporary colony on the Moon for witnessing unfolding events on Earth from a nearby safe distance, followed by transferal to some suitable Guest Colony already prepared on another world.  As for the stupid New World Order colonies of unhappy humans already in their own Alternative Three Lunar and Mars cities, these will be arrested and deported back to Earth to temporarily live-out the harsh results the Reptilians, Bilderbergs and other abusers of power are going to inevitably experience one way or another.


So, the big question remains: Can humanity and the Ecosystem of Earth be redeemed?  Which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Christians or other insane and deluded religions of the world.  The ongoing debate between Henry Kissinger and David Icke, between Black Intelligence and Golden New Age Emotionalism to provoke the stupid masses one way or the other is going nowhere fast. 


In some ways, the reasons for inhibition of an attempted benign Alien Invasion or Extraterrestrial Occupation are depicted in the sci-fi television series, Earth: Final Conflict.  The ignorant emotional Earthlings were not handling it very well plus there was some depiction of mixed Alien motives, which lightly reflects the real situation.  So we have all been given plenty of opportunity to tune-in as to our real cosmic predicament on the Apocalyptic Earth of the Kali Yuga Climax transition period of 2012 AD entry into the Ascending Dwapara Yuga in the Sun’s 26,000 years orbit around the blackhole Ma’at star.


No benign Extraterrestrial Intelligent blames me or any other intelligent and harmonious human being for a growing impatience with the lying and abusive New World Order Black government of Bilderbergs and Satanic Illuminati, as well as with the superficial New Age cultists with their silly Gurus, Mentors, Healers and other social egomaniacs.  Each day we can see articles appearing on showing all the sick, destructive lies and maneuvers of the Neocons and other evil leaders, whether about the 911 self-terrorism, 311 self-terrorism, wars for oil control, or any of the rest of it.  It is a display of obvious evil, of criminal insanity, seemingly going unpunished in the immediate future, though not for the longer near future.  The truth is being constantly presented on the Web.  The black conspiracies are all too real and more and more millions of people are starting to see the obvious a little, but they are outweighed by the stupefied billions controlled by government and media propaganda.  On a collective scale the propaganda is winning and revelations of disturbing truth are nothing but a nuisance factor to the runaway corrupt governments of Earth.  Another thing you can observe is that the more cosmic and real information is, the fewer the number of human beings on Earth who can accept it and process it.  Take for instance, the revelation in this very article of Experimental Colonies of Human Abductees.  Once you hear it, it should be rather obvious and logical that Extraterrestrial Powers would be doing something like that, but is it?  I am asking you if you can actually process New Cosmic Information without feeble whining, arguments or running away.  Or, do you do like so many of our readers, kind of accept it, but go into a dumb funk of mental oblivion and just wander off to keep busy, finding a way to forget what you have heard?  Therefore, I publish cosmic information on the Web because it is my duty to do so, but it is a thankless task because human beings of the Earth (even the more alert and aware ones) are so goddamn stupid and prejudiced!  You may have observed this yourself if you really have anything going for you at all.  It is the old aphorism, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.  This is not however just my problem or yours, it is the same problem that E.T.I. is facing in trying to resolve the situation of humanity on Earth that was originally created by certain Intergalactic “agreements”.  That those “agreements” have proven to be unbelievably cruel and unworkable is an indisputable fact.  That the humanity of Earth is in a deplorable condition that is incapable of processing cosmic information is itself a juicy piece of depressing cosmic information for any Extraterrestrial or Ultraterrestrial being who processes it.


Tentative conclusion:  The Cosmic Command for benign intervention will be actualized, but not until there has been considerable reduction of the ignorant population of unevolving humanity at the hands of the machinations of the present global fragmentary dark and abusive government.  No immediate intervention would succeed.  The mass oppression, death, sickness and suffering will have to increase dramatically before the surviving humanity would actually agree to work things out directly with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, at least enough for the Intervention to work.  This emergence of a tentative welcome of Alien beings is the key to what must happen and we are obviously not yet at that point.  Things are going to have to get a whole lot worse before they can get better.  All we can really do is increase our cosmic self-education and make renewed efforts of self-improvement and higher development, thus watching the whole sickening scene stupidly and relentlessly march forward under all the lies and brutality.  It gets even darker before the dawn.





©2005 Gabriel Chiron