Solitary Meditation in a Place of Quiet Natural
Beauty is a Rare Commodity in the Universe
By Gabriel Chiron

Solitary meditation in a place of quiet natural beauty is a rare commodity in the Universe.  This is in fact one of the reasons why the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (may he remain happily absorbed in the Bliss of Great Awareness) are even more significant in certain aspects than he himself understood in his lifetime.  He first developed his power of natural meditation as a Theravada Buddhist.  Then he incarnated as the American naturalist, Henry David Thoreau.  Then he incarnated as Jiddu Krishnamurti.  Solitary meditation blossomed with him.


          Humanity of our Earth is incredibly ignorant of the density of extraterrestrial human populations on other planets throughout the Galaxy, as well as all other Galaxies in the Universe, as well as other Universes in the Omniverse and so on.  To get a solitary space of natural expanse and quietude anywhere is a rare thing that signals very good karma indeed.  Those of us on Earth who can get it for our inner development and enhanced progress of personal transformation are actually envied by most extraterrestrials who suffer from over-civilization.  There is therefore a hidden psychological tension between extraterrestrials and advanced people of the Earth which has to do with the opportunities for a truly enhancing lifestyle.


          Lack of privacy in natural beauty is an all-pervasive subtle torture of incarnated souls throughout the Known Universe.  It leads inevitably to over-government, forms of excessive collective regimentation and inhibition of individual self-expression and self-development.  This problem is not happening only on the Earth, but happens in a subtler and gentler but more pervasive way everywhere else.  In fact, it is the number one spur to extraterrestrial exploration of unknown regions of space within a time-space Universe and of hyperspace of the Omniverse, which you know from Star Trek as “Liquid Space”.


          For human beings of Earth to want to visit the over-crowded civilizations of ordinary planets of other races is therefore a bit of a joke with little developmental value.  The real deal is to be able to join viable migrations to promising open and natural regions beyond the Known where the animal life is not too dangerous or annoying for colonization.  That Earth humanity is kept in the dark about these issues is in a sense only natural.  Why should extraterrestrials help stupid, short-lived human beings from Earth to obtain what is hard for extraterrestrial explorers to find and exploit?  And, besides, the vast majority of Earth humans do not seek a truly developmental life in remote natural places anyway.  The rest of the Universe sees Earth-people as neurotic, nasty, stupid sex-maniacs who only want to lie and cheat and lazily watch TV in crowded, noisy, unhealthy cities.  Since Earth-people do not aspire to opportunities for higher life, why should they be de-isolated from Earth and be allowed to disrupt and plague extraterrestrial civilizations who already have enough subtle pressures and problems of their own?  There is even a consensus among some factions in our Galaxy alone that the Earth should be destroyed and humanity exterminated so as to remove any “threat” of visitation from the dangerous, insane and stupid human beings of Earth: those “aberrant monkey-people”.  For many extraterrestrials, ours is just “that perverse Planet of the Apes that should never have been created in the first place” or “That dead-ended genetic-splice hell-hole”.


          Yoga prospered in the deeply quiet and beautiful regions of the Himalaya Mountains.  Sacred Energy and Power were awakened and unfolded in human bodies, pervading certain special locations and creating Holy Places which would trigger such energy and power in new-comers, thus creating the natural rationale of pilgrimage.  This rationale of visiting sacred sites exists all throughout the Universe.  A sacred site further energizes the search for advanced living practitioners of Super-yoga in remote regions of Space and Hyperspace where solitary, natural openness, silence and beauty are available.  There are other “Himalayan” sacred places beyond the Earth that are far more viable than the overpopulated and burned-out Himalaya(s) of India.


          In the future of the planet Earth, aspiring individuals will have to contend with the rarity of privacy-in-nature.  For them, travel to the stars-and-beyond will have this paramount issue, which will put them in a different class than the stupid, materialistic masses who will want to travel beyond Earth for all the wrong reasons.  The people with the right reasons will be those Isaac Asimov called “Spacers”, for they sought privacy-in-nature on other worlds.  Anyone who understands and appreciates the concepts of pilgrimage and Krishnamurti-out-in-nature-meditation is by definition a “Spacer”.


          If you have access to free times in a place of natural beauty and silence, don’t blow it, but excel in Yoga, for it is the most treasured opportunity in the Universe.  If, on the other hand, you accept living in a large, stinking, insane and noisy city on the planet Earth, you are as good as dead already, with or without a “terrorist” attack arranged by your evil national government.  Get out of the City.  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  Any city on Earth is a death-trap for fools incapable of human evolution.  Merely reading spiritual books and articles while living in a city will only keep you in a clever, argumentative head trip in a dying body.






©2004 Gabriel Chiron