Understanding Extraterrestrial Philosophy
By Gabriel Chiron

Nagarjuna, the Siddha or Adept of Old Buddhist India once visited the Nagas or Aliens and was shown a vast cosmic library with endless volumes on science, philosophy and metaphysics.  From his studies with those Aliens, he wrote an improved, alternative version of Buddhism which became knows as Mahayana Buddhism, which many orthodox Buddhists rejected as heretical and false.  Nevertheless, the Mahayana Sutras, written by Nagarjuna, caught on in India and spread through Tibet, China, Korea and Japan.  So it is that Mahayana Buddhism is rooted in Extraterrestrial Philosophy and Metaphysics.  But who really wants to know this or to assess the deeper meaning of such transmissions?


In the Twentieth Century, the Ummos contacted Antonio Ribera in Spain and gave him some written documents introducing their Extraterrestrial science, philosophy and metaphysics.  There are yet other transmissions of E.T. thinking to selected people on Earth.  But on the whole the more philosophical aspects and issues raised-up by Extraterrestrial Intelligence have been neglected by the popular books and websites.  Government promoted or secretly controlled organizations and websites on the subject of “UFOs” and “Aliens” have been particularly thoughtless, superficial and useless, but the genuinely independent groups, websites and publications centered especially in America and Britain have also been deplorably thoughtless and pseudo-serious.


What can we find so far from both ancient and modern sources of Extraterrestrial Thinking?  The first thing that comes to mind is that Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been thinking more deeply and for far longer than anything that has been going on throughout the Earth history.  This does not mean we have not had some great and useful thinkers and metaphysical transmitters among our own humanity on the planet Earth.  We even have our own rare but real Ultraterrestrials or super-developed human individuals like Nagarjuna to refer to for inspiration and guidance.  But the pattern of real original thinking and Ultraterrestrial Superconsciousness on our planet has been very unpopular and hidden for the most part.  Most human beings, whether ancient or modern, do not want such things.  Nevertheless a very delicate and highly significant subtle pattern of genuine thinking and metaphysical development has continued to exist and adapt itself to various time-conditions of our planet.  This subtle pattern is what the Naqshbandi Sufis call the Naqsh or Design.  The Theosophists more crudely refer to it as “The Plan” which they describe with an admixture of important cosmic facts and their own silly mystifications based on their semi-invented “Masters”.


Perhaps the most important Extraterrestrial Philosophy is expressed in the Hwa Yen or Garland Sutra of Nagarjuna/Mahayana origin from the Naga Extraterrestrials.  In this philosophy, consciousness and truth undergo infinite modifications through infinite planets of infinitely diverse humanities speaking infinite languages to express infinitely diverse sciences, philosophies and metaphysical systems of higher dimensional realizations of total universal consciousness without limit.  It is also expressed that each cellular Omniverse is one and the same thing as an individual cell or “hair-tip” of our own body as a fact of recursive qualities of all-pervading Voidness.  Space and Time are thus utterly relative as to their scale and material presence to perception.  Hence as one ancient Zen Master put it: “Big things are as small as small things can be and small things are as big as big things can be.”  That is the unlimited elasticity of Space or Voidness.  In terms of Time, what is an eternity within an atom of our body is a mere quantum-moment of our personal time of our daily physical life.  And what is for us an eternity of our expanding and contracting Time-Space Universe is but a nano-second or atomic quantum pulse for immense systems that contain things like our Universe as a mere atom.


This philosophy of Quantum Universal Time has also been laid-out or transmitted to a Dutch Industrialist from the planet Iarga. But again, most UFO and Aliens enthusiasts do not want to think about the implications of all this precisely because they are not thinkers.


Extraterrestrial Philosophy is unlimited in scope and diversity.  There are more philosophies or metaphysical systems in our Galaxy alone than any human brain can contain, even if, like Nagarjuna, we were to travel there.  So we need to develop some new principles of philosophical investigation for the purpose of thoughtful, meaningful exploration of our Galaxy in the future.  I therefore suggest to my readers that they procure the old sci-fi novel, Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsey of Britain.  In this book we discover how various organic bodily configurations of sense-organs and action-organs tend to shape the purposes, understandings and philosophies of the people with such bodies.  This is a stupendous concept deserving serious exploration and thought.  It also helps prepare us to encounter alternative social-psychologies and philosophical orientations of alien races of other planets of other stars.  Otherwise we just stupidly aspire to “travel to the stars” as neurotic, blind, crude and aggressive idiots foisting ourselves on more intelligent, sensitive and harmonious races.  One can well understand how other star systems may be organized to prevent crude, thoughtless and aggressive Earthlings visiting them.  They do not want to have to process our emotionally disturbed non-thinkers and anti-thinkers.  That some foolish maniacs like George W Bush, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Vladimir Putin or Hu Jintao might visit them is intolerable.  Present humanity and its corrupt, thoughtless leaders are just not welcome out there for rather obvious reasons.  Those of us who are thoughtful and harmonious will therefore have to bear the isolating burden of our humanity for awhile.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It is a sad fact of our being here at this time.  However, we can get started for real in learning Extraterrestrial Philosophy and developing our own personal Extraterrestrial Metaphysics or Cosmic Yoga.  We can thus prepare ourselves for great journeys through our own great realizations, just as Nagarjuna did.  Great men and women of the planet Earth have already traveled to the stars and enjoyed the exchange of powerful meanings with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Becoming Ultraterrestrial is the key to productive relationship with Extraterrestrials.  How well you understand this, accept it and work with it is the ultimate arbiter of your interest in UFOs, Aliens and Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  In your present state you will just tend to frustrate yourself and go ‘round and ‘round in useless circles of superficial socializing on Earth about all this.



©2005 Gabriel Chiron