The Work Of The Avatar
by Rudra Chakrin

The Divine, Cosmic Work of an Avatar cannot possibly be affected by the number of superficial human social units who “believe-in” Him, the number who have anguished doubts or the number who think He is a desperate pretender seeking personal followers to build up a cult.  These three types of social ego have imaginings about what an Avatar actually is or what He is really about on the planet in question.


Sometimes an Avatar may have to do a little judicious and natural impressing of some people, but usually it is important to avoid impressing because most people who become impressed are unworthy and easily become a useless nuisance to anyone who impresses them as an Advanced Evolutionary Individual or Spiritual Authority.  Unworthy, greedy people of mediocre spiritual potential or inner confusion inevitably seek personal attention from well-known “spiritual” beings when they actually need something else, such as realistic study, work or preparatory Yoga.  So too many personal visits for hopeful exploitation of the Avatar, or to have arguments to clear-up doubts, anxieties and outstanding spiritual confusion, are highly disruptive of the Avatar’s Work.


Now, however challenging any seeker or self-appointed spiritual expert may find My Presence is, the only meaningful factor operating in all this is the ability to benefit at a distance with Oracles and Teachings.  This is especially true of Absolute Interactive plus the Core teaching on, which contains emergent commentaries of My Own Shiva Sutras revealed first long ago in Kashmir.


Do I work impressive “miracles”?  No!  But impressive “miracles” will sometimes follow the course of My Personal Presence like the wake of a ship.  If My Grace Waves cause little boats to suddenly bounce about, it does not mean I deliberately did it to excite and impress them to become “followers”.  It is all simply meaningful Play of Power, Shakti Leela.  It sometimes happens to provoke real potential and spiritual inquiry.  It can be educational.  But fervent devotional excitement or inspiration is a two-edged sword.  This is why I still recommend that fervent devotional excitement be directed to My ignorant but potent secondary incarnation as Mother Meera.  I could never agree to personally, directly live the vainglorious and superficial way she has to!


The best way to benefit from My Avatar Work and Presence is to tune-into it and live in a way that is harmonic to it.  Let Me be your Pathfinder.  Very few of those who are real about all this need much personal attention from Me, if any.  I am not here to function as a personal “chosen master teacher” for all sorts of convinced, persuaded and impressed people who think they are about to have socially important spiritual progress of their own.  So, My Avatar Work will remain exquisitely impersonal.  If you are so spiritually weak that you will need a  very mature personal teacher who will give constant explanations, suggestions, commands and personal attention, then My Shakti will help guide you to such a being, if you have a deeply real need there, but it is most improbable that it would be Me personally even as a fleeting visit.  Why do you think I choose to dwell in highly remote or inaccessible situations?  Avatars are not personal teachers because they have Really Big Cosmic Duties to fulfill.


It is true that I did a few months ago enable some experimental personal contact with Me on the “search for a True Master” level.  But this was truly fleeting and to take a reading of the current spiritual situation on the planet for this time-transition.  But it has given me all such information I need and I do not need more.  So, such general invitation will never be sent out again.  I am in permanent mobile evasive retreat.  There will be no Cult Ashram, no spiritual movement with membership fees and newsletters.  I will remain private and generally anonymous.  I am more effective that way.


My Work needs amazingly little personal assistance on the ground precisely because it happens through Real, Divine and Cosmic Power.  So you should understand that the more personal assistance your work or ambition seems to need, the less real, divine or cosmic it actually is.


Recently, I have remained a little longer in My Lappland cottage than I had originally planned on.  But it has been wonderful without visitors!  I have been feeding reindeer fodder to the little wild Northern Sweden Deer.  I have been training them to eat on the extended window-sill of my big picture window in my study where I am writing this.  They are losing their natural fear.  They look in at Me and do not run away while I can look at their faces while they eat with big brown eyes and huge ears.  They are incredibly delicate and lovable, though like all creatures, they are wired-up with Fear, Greed and Aggression at times.  They can be led, just like people, on all sorts of strange pathways because of their blind tendencies.  So, I do not want for “visitors” I can actually relate with and appreciate.  I will miss these little deer when I move on.


So, if you want to explain Me to someone, just say, “He feeds wild deer and avoids people for the most part.”  That is really the best explanation without cranking up a lot of heavy bullshit.