Assessing The Teachings Of Idries Shah
by Qutub Sarmouni

There are fundamentally four (4) kinds of elements in the teachings of Idries Shah:

  1. Elements that are correct, useful and even indispensable for human beings who are earnestly and intelligently seeking higher development and superconscious oneness with the Divine level of Being.
  2. Elements that are only correct or useful for certain persons, in certain places or at certain times, but which are incorrect or useless for certain other persons, or in certain other places or at certain other times. These elements are ambiguous in principle and should not be automatically accepted or rejected. Such elements need guidance from beyond Idries Shah and his seeming authority.
  3. Elements that are neither correct not incorrect, useful nor useless. Worked with in the right way, they may have some supplemental value. Worked with in the wrong way, they are a waste of time and sometimes somewhat harmful or misleading in some aspect.
  4. Elements that are totally incorrect, useless and even harmful or inhibiting of the higher development or potential Superconscious oneness with the Divine level of Being.

If you, dear seeker or dervish practitioner, are either (A) a faithful adherent of Idries Shah, imagining he was a perfect and divine individual, or (B) a detractor of Idries Shah, imagining that he was not highly developed or that he had no glimpses of the Divine level of Being, you will not be able to place Idries Shah and his teachings in the right place and position in your spiritual concerns.  In fact, you will only continue to make of him a major obstacle for yourself and others within your social concerns or secondary purposes of your secondary self.


Any mature Dervish of some development and occasional experiential ecstatic oneness with the Divine level of Being will notice that Idries Shah wrote many volumes on the theme of the overwhelming superficiality and lack of correct orientation or commitment on the part of Western spiritual seekers, experimenters or evaluators.  He bashes and discourages such immature and useless people endlessly in a variety of ways.  He concentrates, focuses, on such people in an effort to illustrate to them that they could make a step in the right direction by putting themselves exclusively and faithfully under the spiritual authority of himself, Idries Shah, or trained teachers authorized by him to teach.  Western seekers, often steeped in teachings of Hindu Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, Taoist Yoga, and Mexican Nagualism and other supposedly “fragmentary” teachings, are thus endlessly told that they must purge all such non-Sufi influences from their cognitive faculties and concentrate exclusively on the Naqshbandi Order of Dervishes, which is to be treated as so superior in the realm of the Sufi Way, that all other Sufi Orders are to be treated as only slightly supplemental at best.  According to him, all would-be human developers are being hopelessly distracted by all the random influences from diverse sources.  This, of course, is an oversimplification and a half-truth.  Historically, Naqshbandi Master teachers with Divine superconsciousness have assimilated useful elements from diverse sources, sometimes quoting the Hadith, “Seek knowledge even in China.”  So the real issue here is that of what in fact the necessary organizing principle of useful elements actually is or should be and who in fact is qualified to give instruction on this matter.  Any cultural conditioning on Earth is a potential valid and viable center for developmental and cosmic organizing of Universal elements, of spiritual understanding and know-how.  Islamic Sufis of Central Asia achieved great heights of organizing and assimilating vital elements from diverse sources.  They were not petty, dogmatic and prejudiced idiots on the one hand, nor would they agree to compromise their personal integrity or deepest organizing vision.  Our problem with the written works of Idries Shah is that they often superficialize themselves through excessive attention on what superficial seekers and would-be spiritual experts or self-appointed “teachers” do.  In doing this, the books became a sort of competing advertisement and claim of ultimate spiritual developmental authority rather than a full-blown guide into the higher human development toward oneness with the Divine level of Being.  Trying to overcome all distracting influences in a competitive manner, the works of Idries Shah themselves became a somewhat distracting influence from full-blown spiritual and cosmic truth and know-how.  However, there remains a positive and even indispensable factor in his works, which is that they can and will correct certain immaturities and useless orientations in spiritual seekers and would-be teachers which cannot be found in other Ways, other traditions.


There is a superior Sufi School or Way beyond the Khwajagan and the Naqshbandi Order.  This is the genuine, authentic Sarmoun Brotherhood, which always operated beyond the predominant religions of Asia, beyond Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  People like Blavatsky, Roerich, Gurdjieff and others claimed to contact the Teaching and even to represent it.  Idries Shah and his associates would sometimes try to make this claim as well, while only remaining at best on the periphery as a tangent, a popularized side-show in both the West and the East.


The Sarmoun Brotherhood, which contains superior cosmogonic, spiritual and esoteric knowledge and developmental know-how is no particularized cultural center in the East or Central Asia at this time.  It exists strictly as a super-network of super-people, of Godmen and Godwomen, which is connected with an even vaster network in other star-systems beyond the Earth.  It is much, much more than a mere put-together of Earthbound traditions and occult schools.  Neither Naqshbandi adherents, Gurdjieff adherents nor Theosophists have got the real Big Picture or real Cosmic Way.  Also, universalist claims to ultimate knowledge as in Meher Baba, are short of the mark.  There is no published book on Earth of genuine Evolutionary Cosmogony, nor of full-blown Divine self-development know-how, just as there is no published work of real Cosmic Language (Shanoowee) for purposes of full-blown Dhikr/Mantra beyond the aberrations and assumptions of Arabic and Sanskrit.  All culture-bound traditions and occult schools on Earth fall short of the Sarmoun Brotherhood.


Contemporary sensationalist speculations on situations like Agharta and Shambhala are also wholly peripheral and tangential to the Real-Network-of-the-Real.  To benefit from this cosmic and divine spiritual presence requires an inner awakening, resonance, attunement and orientation that Gurdjieff called the Magnetic Center in Man as described in Ouspensky’s, In Search of the Miraculous.


Go beyond exclusive concentration on the Sufi Way of Idries Shah or the Tibetan Vajrayana of Chögyam Trungpa.  They are as two wings on the Garuda, the Bird of the Cosmic Way.  That bird cannot fly on one wing.  Only Zen-Sufi orientation has a galactic future when future seekers, developers and God-people travel to the stars and learn to link with greater cosmogonical and Yogic systems of super-traditions in Space of the Galaxy and Beyond.  Learning-by-telepathic-communion is not just for dogmatic people identified with Islamic Sufism, for it extends into the stars and the extremely advanced individuals who may respond to your dawning cosmic and divine orientation.  Those who try to attune themselves to the distorted transmissions of a channeled entity such as “Ramtha” are like a rehearsal for the real thing.  If you would combine the Naqshbandi and Ramtha orientation into a fused telepathic communion with both Ultraterrestrials and advanced Extraterrestrials, you would begin to enter the Sarmoun Brotherhood.  Free of Earthbound prejudice, the sky is the limit to your evolutionary development.


If you want to contact me about all this, telepathically commune with me with the idea that I am a cosmic person who is simultaneously the Qutub, Maitreya Buddha and the real Ramtha.  I am also the reincarnation of Baba Farid Chisti.  The Sufi Way is thus eternally alive in my causal body.  Whoever denies this aspect of my Spirit, Ruh, is a spiritually blind idiot who is not worth listening to.  Commune with me in the Language of the Heart as an act of inner appreciative receptivity beyond the beliefs and doubts of your brain.  Your own brain is the most false guide of all!  Listen to your heart and open the Eye of Intuition in your heart.  It is the Eye of the Heart alone that can see who’s who and what’s what.  Without it, the outer appearances and claims of popular authorities will just drive you mad with brain confusion.  I am not here on Earth at this time to merely add to your confusion!  May you be blessed with the opening of the Eye of the Heart and learn to silently speak the Language of the Heart.  Heart Activation is an all-important spiritual awakening for you at this time.  Without it, your spiritual confusions, arguments and wrong socializing are only going to keep you in a crude state.  You are only deceiving yourself and other crude self-appointed “spiritual experts” about all this!  Stop your present approach and listen to your inner heart in privacy and solitude.  Do not seek recognition from outer people, but learn to commune with real inner people.  The outer people you know are all false, superficial and wrong about all this.  Wake up to this fact and connect with Garuda, the Bird-of-Freedom, the Time-Spanner, Kal Bhairav, Omar At-Tawil, the Most Ancient, the Most Prolonged of Life, who is Bhushundi, The Raven.  We cheerfully and patiently await your deepest personal awakening and liberation.  Mount Kaf is the core symbol of Our Sarmoun Way.  Attar’s book, Conference of the Birds is about Bird-people for an important, cosmic reason.  Will you read that book with a cosmic understanding?  You truly need to withdraw from all your outer social so-called “spiritual” contacts if you are to viably participate in the Ultimate Quest.  You need to stop pretending things about yourself.  You know in your heart why you had to read such a statement and take it personally.  The real miracle you need is an awakening in your heart beyond your social self, your compulsive self, your nafs.  This has always been fundamental in the Sufi Way as well.  Think about it.


Here I am, announcing apposite working as predicted by Idries Shah’s father, Sirdar Ali Iqbal Shah.  The Food-of-Life is now in this bowl.  All those who cling to Idries Shah and his successors are wasting their time in yesterday’s workshop.  All “Sufi centers” in the West should now shut down and disband.  A new cosmic step, a re-orientation, must now be taken.  De-socialization is now all-important.  Everything depends on this.