Sarmoun Sufi Entry Barrier
by Qutub Sarmouni

You may be identifying your spiritual development with the known and currently projected Sufi Tradition (particularly the Naqshbandiyya as brought to the West by Idries Shah), but you will not reach to an activation of Direct Divine Being of Godself or a truly Cosmic Evolutionary Way through such self-limiting affiliation with dogmatic authoritarianism.  The Cosmic Way is not contained within Islamic cultural conditioning nor any other cultural conditioning.  The Sufi Tradition as you know it is incomplete.  It has seriously missing elements.


The bigger the esoteric organization, the more gullible and superficial the membership!  The Sarmoun Way is in comparison like an overarching sky of Heightened Awareness.  You cannot “join” it as one joins and belongs to a Sufi Order and obeys its authorities.  Real Spiritual Authority and Competence happens in another way.


The Ultraterrestrial and Extraterrestrial hidden leaders of the Sarmoun Network are working behind the scenes to help worthy human souls get into better alignment with Us, with Our kind and with the Lord of the Real Universe.  The true Naqsh or Divine Plan includes the evolutionary development of all souls of all races within the Orvonton Milky Way Galaxy, which in turn includes true, authentic individuals within the humanity of presently isolated Earth and its insane religions and societies.


A truly spiritual and Godself-realized man is a miniature Deity.  Just like any real Deity, He is a series of contrasts like Summer and Winter, Day and Night, Mercy and Severity, Life and Death.  Just like myself, the unexpected New Master, Unknown Master, is both a Divinity and a Devil.  And because of this, the minds of the usual spiritual authorities and teachers, along with the minds of their adherents and admirers, are staggered with incomprehension and difficult reactions.  The mind of spiritual belief can work on one end of the Pole, the Qutub, or the other, but here it is useless.  Therefore, if you do not go beyond your unipolar mind, you will completely miss the Sarmoun Opportunity; you will never know what you missed; you will remain stuck, for instance, on the global social projection of mediocre and incomplete Sufism or some other tradition, school, movement or network.  You will not get a real feeling or intuition of what is going on with the New Unknown Master or the Cosmic Quantum Leap that is going on in spiritual evolution due to His Presence.


  An important aspect of the Entry Barrier has been summed up by Hakim Bey:


“A multi-perspective post-ideological worldview is one that can move ‘rootlessly’ from philosophy to tribal myth, from science to Taoism; able to see for the first time through eyes like some golden insect’s, each facet giving a view of an entirely other world.  Unfortunately, this vision has been attained at the expense of having to inhabit an epoch where speed and ‘commodity fetishism’ have created a tyrannical false unity which tends to blur all cultural diversity and personal individuality, thus disintegrating them thru resulting alienation (real spiritual failure) and oppression (where to seek regional or personal freedom is deemed ‘primitive and backward’).”


That is precisely why I always say that we must be more than Sufis but never less!  That is also why I now say to you that you must give your actual Life absolute attention or you cannot claim to be truly alive.


As for those who continue to exhibit disrespect for the true Cosmic Sarmoun Way, Be Warned!  When you abuse the Sarmoun Presence, you are only injuring your Godself Potential for Cosmic Consciousness.  The Power of the Universe is with the Real People of the Sarmoun Network, not with the authoritarian or shallow fools you spread your gossip with.  If you cannot understand a New Teaching, simply leave it alone until you are ready for it, just like a new kind of food your system is not able to assimilate as yet, for otherwise you may never awaken!  We are not enemies of the Sufis!  We are an inevitable cosmic step.


Now remember what even authentic Sufis know about Jam, Coming Together.  When the people of Cosmic Reality meet together it is done out of genuine necessity for a significant new cosmic action that requires a mutual tune-up.  They are neither in mutual conformity nor some sort of Hegelian Clash of opposing views.  They do not meet with others in the way you do where agreement is shallow and dogmatic as a shared social excitement or disagreement is with yelling and insults.  In fact, the very way you socially relate with others in the spiritual field is a big part of your Entry Barrier to the Sarmoun Way.


Now, to give yourself a real shot at crossing over the Entry Barrier, realize that somewhere psychically in your head is a reflection of your causal body or soul as a glowing blue sphere with a White Star burning in the center of it.  Try to at least intuitively sense that it is there and that it is an important spiritual gateway to the Sarmoun Universe.  At least let yourself feel it.  This inner experience, if you can induce it in your consciousness, will sooner or later create an Entry for you, and when you Enter, you will know beyond all doubt what all this is really about.