Search Beyond Prejudice!
by Qutub Sarmouni

Your evolutionary duty to yourself is to dive deep into the ocean of great spiritual teachings, which are like oysters.  Open them up and find the pearls that pertain to your own spiritual realization within the core of your own being.


Have no prejudice about where you will or will not find something of potential value to your personal evolution.  Do not say you are free of prejudice!  Who does not have at least one blindspot in their quest for spiritual truth and realization?  In any true learning cycle, one has to periodically deconstruct one’s belief system, worldview or cosmogony, and reconstruct it so that it can include important factors one has been rejecting out of prejudice.


All this has to do with the way you get stuck in your learning and development because of prejudice.  This means that you must now find it within yourself to wake up and recognize the awesome fact that urgently necessary new truth is neither going to conform to your present mental brain pattern of belief and disbelief nor to your committed path of activity or social relationship.  Important new truth always begins as something emerging in the pathless unknown, yet it will inevitably fit into your new path ahead once it is accepted and understood.


You are not going to perceive any immediate construct, form or path to follow when you are opening up to new truth.  For the sake of your possible real learning and higher development, you must now plunge yourself into a period of exploratory uncertainty where your usual pattern of beliefs and disbeliefs about spiritual evolution of human beings in the Universe must be voluntarily deconstructed so that new truth can dawn within your awareness at the right time in your freer learning journey, your walk in the great void of the unknown.


The Spirit of New Truth is a living cosmic presence and not merely a structure of static unknown information.  When you sincerely seek new truth, the Spirit of New Truth works behind the scenes to help you connect with what you need for your next phase of learning and development.  Open yourself to how this works and stay alert to the kind of opportunities this hidden dynamic can bring you.  There is a good divine magic that helps your own potential good divine magic power wake up within you and develop itself for the real good of you and all.  The search for new truth is a living, dynamic spiritual process under guidance from beyond your present knowledge, understanding and way of life.  It is not merely a dead thing of academic philosophy, cognitive science or traditional ways of various cultures of attempted mysticism or occult success.  When you are open for real and in the right way, the Guiding Spirit of New Truth radiates the necessary higher energy into your system to whatever degree your inner spirit is unclogged and can work with it.  This kind of helpfulness from beyond yourself may seem to be absent and neglectful of you or too slow to develop dramatic events on your behalf, but if you want to speed things up and make it more vividly present in your own awareness, try to bring a greater resonance of feeling in your own heart to all this rather than relying so heavily on word structures of concepts in your head, which are nothing but the usual loops of believing and disbelieving that keep you stubbornly stuck in your perceptions or the kind of things you can experience.  When you unfold your inner heart about all this, it is called “opening the Eye of the Heart” so that you can be directly shown important new things and guided from within.


As for the proud, skeptical and nasty people who say that Spiritual Truth is ‘impractical’ for successful earthly affairs, there is nothing much you can do for them.  What they are doing is simply evading the fact of their own inner dishonesty.  They will have to pay the price for such an attitude through their inevitable increase of personal difficulties and suffering.  All earthly affairs exist wholly for the purpose of awakening human beings to greater, more cosmic and evolutionary truth, which will force all in the end to sooner or later undertake their higher learning and development.  Denying and postponing spiritual exploration and development is an utterly stupid thing to do, even though the overwhelming majority of people on Earth have this deplorable ignorance and materialism that keeps them imprisoned in self-destructive habits and superficial activities of pseudo-free-will.