"Sufi" Forums On The Web
Are Not The Way To The Way

by Qutub Sarmouni

 “Sufi” forums on the Web are social groupings and not developmental groupings.  What they are doing is exhibiting the herd-characteristic.  Of course the participants imagine they are helping to promote the Way of higher human development.  If someone tries to tell them that they are deluding themselves, they are unable to perceive it or even consider it a possibility.  They cannot question the assumptions that fuel their social efforts because it would deprive them of the secondary satisfactions they get from such activities.  The need of herd-members to carry on being herded together is very powerful.


 “Sufi” forums on the Web are obviously superficial and nothing but social activity.  The higher work of the Way is something too subtle to be felt or comprehended by the social gossipers of “Sufism” on the Web.  What they are already getting is all they can get.  And, in a way, this is most excellent because it keeps them from finding ways to pester the People of the Way.  We can carry on Our work undisturbed.


The hidden network of the Sarmoun Way does not exist to give social comfort or entertainment to the thousands of people who inhabit the cyber-ghetto of “Sufi” forums.  Such people are simply indulging in their craving to give or get attention.  There is an obvious emotional need to try to be socially important or needed in and around the subject of “Sufism”.  Other forums uselessly chatter and show off to one another around other “esoteric” subjects, such as stuff connected with Carlos Castaneda and the occult powers of Mexican Naguals—all of which is very exotic and titillating.  Many people are into “esoteric” socializing as hardly anything more than glorified mutual sexual seduction by appearing as “interesting” people identified with important subjects.  Sexual discussion forums would often be a more straightforward social medium than “Sufi” forums.


If anyone tries to tell “Sufi” forums that there are unperceived materials or even significant channels of higher contact outside what they perceive or regard as significant in their “Sufi” forums, they regard such advisers as arrogant intruders who are trying for too much social leadership.  Participants in “Sufi” forums cannot study something more advanced because that would seem to be too socially isolated and empty.  Even when offered more advanced materials on the Web, they cannot go into it deeply enough or long enough before rushing off to their next witty or sexy chat with other proud idiots.


One of the most glaring characteristics of “Sufi” forum leaders and participants is their ignorance of human nature and sociological behaviour.  People are using such Web socializing for personal amusement, not for facilitating serious search for the Way.  This causes actual hostility or snubbing selfishness directed at more sincere and intelligent participants who are starting to awaken real search.  The immune system of the “Sufi” forum goes on full alert if anything slightly real starts up, which is treated as an invading virus.


The use of terms from the Way are used as “in-the-know” slogans by people in “Sufi” forums where they lack the direct personal experiences and developments that such terms represent for Real People of the Way.  Virtually all the participants in “Sufi” forums imagine they should be talking, thinking and “understanding” along certain lines where certain basic studies and exercises are being avoided that could potentially prepare them for something real.  They thus render themselves unworthy of their own higher potential in the name of things of the potential.  They personally blockade and inhibit the very things they are chattering and bragging about.


If you are a participant in a “Sufi” forum, you will either withdraw from such useless socializing and begin a real quest for the Way or you will continue to waste your life as if you are an exception to what We have pointed out about all this.


This very article will of course decrease the number of visitors we get from members of “Sufi” forums, but it will increase the quality of visits we get from truly independent and thoughtful seekers of the Way.