The Levitating Sufis of Senegal
by Qutub Sarmouni

In Senegal they hold big group Zikr(s) and work up a lot of spiritual energy.  It all becomes so fervent and powerful with the Baraka that if one does not levitate at that meeting, one is considered nothing in the Way.  Now compare what happens to members of Sufi Web-forums on the Internet in the West.  Do they rise off their seats in front of their computer screens?  Of course not.  The Talking Sufism adherents on the Web are nothing.


Some Westerners get experiences of group levitation.  Transcendental Meditators of the Maharishi Cult sometimes experience uncontrolled group levitation where they are lifted off their seats and tossed about.  In the TM Cult, this is considered to be a stupendous achievement.  And it obviously leaves our smart-ass Sufi Web-forums behind in the dust of such minor miracles.  Perhaps they should go to Senegal and ask for admittance rather than posing as “experts on the Sufi Path” who give “wise hints” to one another.


In Old Tibet, some of the Yogis, like Milarepa, could levitate, fly and sometimes do Lung-ta (windhorse) Running.  I myself once incarnated in Old Tibet and did those things.  In this present Western body, when I was in my early teens, I was playing a typical game, running around in the darkness on a summer night, when suddenly my Old Tibetan talent for Lung-ta Running surfaced.  I found myself thrilled to gallop about in strange super-long levitational strides!  It was so exhilarating and joyous I could not get enough of it.  After that, I would play that game at night with the other lads as much as they were willing!  Now, the funny thing was, whenever I was leaping and bouncing along and would begin to think that I should show the other guys how fantastic it was and offer to teach them how to do it, my feet would turn to lead and an inner voice would say, “This is a gift of God to you for your enjoyment and education, but the others would not understand nor be able to do it.  It would cause trouble!  So keep it secret and you will learn more.”  And I knew it was true because when I would leave off social thoughts, the gift would come back!  All throughout my life I have held to this principle, though sometimes I will publish experiences from much earlier in my life, but not from things of recent years (I am over sixty years).  At any rate, after that I noticed that flying-in-dreams was much stronger and more dramatic.  There was this elastic substance and energy that would connect my dream flying body and my physical levitational body.  Also, at that time I read nothing of Tibet, Hindu Siddhayoga, the Sufis, Carlos Castaneda Nagual Shamanism, Theosophy or the Occult.  It was only later that such personal developments were put into perspective within various traditions theoretically in combination with the deep activation of memories of past lives in the causal body.  For me, the twenty-four siddhis or personal miracle-powers were never a thing of traditional socially comparative success.  Over the years, I have come to see that enclosement in a tradition, for instance, can be as much a blockage to higher human development as a conveyor to it.  However, I also found myself drawn to study under certain extremely advanced Godmen and Godwomen of India in particular.


I found as I went along in all this that I learned more from my Sufi teachers how to put my personal attainments into a balanced perspective and how to succeed in my professional life while remaining anonymous in the spiritual field.


Those who want to show off miraculous powers and become socially important in the Sufi field (or any other traditional field of spiritual development) are lost!  At the same time, skeptical Westerners who feel superior in their deluded physical brain, cannot possibly pass judgment on any developed human being and validly claim that such a truly human being is “mad”, just as Web-forum seekers cannot gain anything by claiming to each other that they know this or that personage is or is not “the real thing”.  Only the real can recognize the real or the unreal.


To experience levitation may give you some slight social circle success, for instance, like the Sufis of Senegal, but does not and will not make you or anyone important in God.  It is God and God Alone Who is important in God.  If you have not learned this by now, then read this article as many times as you need to so that your nafs (your social self) will stop perverting your spiritual potential with superficial social self-importance.


In the Universe of innumerable advanced humanities on extremely spiritual planets, our dark and divided little planet is unbelievably wretched, backward and retarded in the total spiritual development of either groups or individuals.  That someone levitates on Earth is considered to be nothing but an exaggerated savage on an island of savages.  All the “spiritual” Web-forums are seen as nothing but shared-delusion clubs in a global insane asylum.  Really.  This is the cosmic truth if you want it.


If you are a levitating Sufi of Senegal, I advise you to stop showing-off at group Zikrs.  Instead, seek greater knowledge and development elsewhere beyond the pettiness of your Islamic religious conditioning!


If you are a levitating TM practitioner, get out of that superficial trap and seek the true Sadguru who can lead you into Godself awakening in Turiya Samadhi.  You have reached a deadend where you are!


If you are a Tibetan Lung-ta Runner, stop overestimating your development.  You need to come face-to-face with the Immortal Guru Rimpoche Pema Jungne.  You are stuck on a mediocre level of Yoga!


If you are a Western affiliated identifier with Islamic Sufis and their traditional authority lineages, ask yourself what it is really doing to you and other Web-chattering, undeveloped fools!  You know you haven’t even levitated yet and that it really gnaws at you inside, giving you horrible self-doubts!


If you are in a Gurdjieff group, there is no hope for you anywhere, so just stick with it and don’t worry that you are not developing.  You are too stupid and gullible to develop or you would not have been sucked into the un-Sufic Westernized Gurdjieff Work!  Gurdjieff, be informed, was trained in Sufi schools; your Gurdjieff teacher was not (at least to no significant degree).


If you are in an Alien Contact or Channeling group, admit to yourself that you are in a hopeful believing state without Direct Contact or Real Telepathy.  You are, in fact, in a silly cult.  So, read all the works of Idries Shah and see what you can learn from it!


If you are an old student of Idries Shah, your next step is not what you are presently clinging to.  Question your usual assumptions about everything!  You are caught in a subtle trap connected to Idries Shah’s subtle limitations.  A cult can be so subtle that it is not seen as one.


If you are a New Age independent seeker who has just dropped into Sufi websites to see if Sufis have anything interesting, I am here to inform you that you cannot possibly understand what We have until you put yourself on a forty-day retreat where you do not go on the Web, but read as many Idries Shah books as possible that will question your assumptions about remaining a New Age hit-and-miss seeker who socializes too much as if it were a way forward.


If you are a Real Sufi, then stop your stupid criticizing of Me and give yourself a truly cosmic divine awakening beyond your present exalted conditioning.  You must discover the next higher stage of Our Ancient Journey, my friend.  We are watching!  Divine Authority is beyond Sufi Authority, just as Host is beyond Guest in Zen.  If you are awake, become super-awake.  Any level of Self-complacency is stupid.  Divine Learning is a beginning more than it is an ending or completion.  Since you once knew that, remember it again.  You have to help the coming cosmic adjustment crisis of the Way on Earth.  You know I have to talk the way I do on the Web to all the Sufi Web-forum people, which web obviously numbs their Heart-sense-of-direction.


If you are a seeker of levitation, fire-walking and similar such things, why?  If you are not a seeker of such things, why?