The Non-Muslim Sarmoun Way
Of Old Kafiristan
by Qutub Sarmouni

Are you willing and able to look into the depths of the Sarmoun Recital?



 “You who know and do not know that you know: you are asleep.  May you become one, whole.  May you be awakened.



Are you a man (or woman) of real potential for the Way?  If you are, you feel it within yourself in a different way than you feel other things.  At first you do not recognize that your Spirit is already one who is of the Way, that it is what you were born for.  You are wandering in ignorance, in outer conditioning, and you are under the hypnotic sleep of ignorant society.  You believe too much in the outer selves of the outer world.  Because of this you are divided against yourself, living in fragmentation, self-contradiction, weakness of will plus confusion.  You secretly know that you must become whole and real, but this inner knowing must not remain hidden within you.  The truth of your actual personal state must dawn within you by the grace, the Baraka, of the Guiding Spirit.  This awakening is indispensable for your real progress in life.  You cannot afford to go on pretending to yourself that you are O.K., that you think clearly and know what you are and what you must do.  We are sincerely asking you:  Are you awakening?  Are you still trapped in prejudice, inner conflict, confusion and postponement of the decisive new step?  Will you now question yourself more completely than you ever have in your life?



If you have known but do not now know: may you see once more the beginning of all.”



How often do you have a vague but disturbing inner wave of intuition that you have forgotten something terribly important that you should know, but then that inner stirring passes away to be forgotten until next time?  Do you recognize this? 

You may also notice that this inner stirring is associated with certain strange scenes from far-away lands that have no connection with your physical memories of your present body.

You may also notice that a peculiar inner light and joy are sometimes arising within your heart and seem to communicate something you cannot quite put into words.  Do you have this inner experience sometimes?  When was the last time?  Do you not want to remember it better and have it develop within you?



 “Are you one who does not wish to know yet know that you need to know?  May you be guided to safety and to light.


Your brain is dominating you with its worldly knowledge and superficial activity of outer life and relationship, but your heart knows that something is fundamentally wrong with the way you think and live.  You say perhaps that you are “practical and realistic”, that you do not want to get involved with “mysticism” or seemingly disreputable people who pursue religion, occultism or strange philosophies of far-away lands and times.  In your heart you know your Spirit is starving and needs nourishment, but you let your brain deny the Spirit.  How long will you be your own enemy through intellectual pride?  Why do you disparage Us, the People of the Path, as if We are deluded and dangerous fools who want to form or maintain “cults”?

Will you now make an urgently needed effort to remember the Important Thing you keep trying to forget and postpone?  Where are you really in all this?  How did you actually get where you are at present?



“If you do not know, and know that you do not know: may you, through this knowledge know.”



Do not make your ignorance an excuse, for this is self-injury of your Spirit.  Do not hide behind confusion.  Do not play stupid to avoid responsibility for your inner life and destiny.  The Way is not some entertaining game or toy for you to play with as a hobby in your spare time.  Death is stalking you and you have no spare time whatsoever.

How many shocks or disappointments have to happen to you before they reach your sleeping Spirit and awaken you to your Spirit?  How long will you pretend that you are just a body or an emotional mind without Spirit?

We cannot help you as long as your false everyday self, your nafs, is there with its excuses, confusions and pretence of stupidity and humility.



“If you do not know but think that you know: may you be set free from the confusion of that ignorance.”



The spiritual pretenders and imitators are very noisy and prominent all around Us with their claims, arguments, advertisements and competitions with one another to have “spiritual” influence and a following.  But no one can actually learn, develop or know directly in such a condition.

When you are pretending to be something you are not and that you know things you do not actually know, We can see clearly that you are secretly empty, lost, confused and desperate.  Secretly, you would like one of Us to appear in a miraculous way that would defeat your judgments and sort you out, for you want a free ride.  But the Way of real development must be earned, and it cannot even begin to be earned or worked toward, prepared for, when you are carrying on with your pretences, your social games and maneuvers, your attempts to appear as a great contributor to the Way.

If you think you are a Sarmouni or a Sufi, if you think you are a Teacher or a spiritual adviser, there is no hope for you or anyone who listens to your assessment of people or things of the Path.  You are only driving yourself mad with your secret confusion and self-doubt by trying to prove yourself outwardly.  The proof of the People of the Path or of the Gnosis, the Oneness with the Divine Being, is not and will not be outward; it is inward only and perceptible only by the Real People of the inwardness, the realness.



 “If you know, and know that you ARE: you are wise.  May you be followed.  By your presence alone, someone may be transformed.”



If you are awake in Divine Being and know that you Are, then you know that human beings can only rarely recognize one of Us in the true way and follow the Teacher in the way that such following leads into Our State of Being.

We do not teach much through meetings or words.  Presence, the silent radiation in the Language of the Heart, has always been the fundamental means of transmission.  Generally unrecognized, even disparaged and called “false”, We are The Real.  The Presence of the Real is Our Blessing for Ourselves and all who can receive it.  We rest at peace in the midst of the insane world of pretenders and critical skeptics, whether they are of the West or the East.  Each of Us is the hidden Qutub of the domain assigned to Us within the Naqsh, the Divine Plan.