The Unacceptable But Real Factor
Of The Alien Sufi Way
by Qutub Sarmouni

If the seeker looks carefully at the picture within the oracle wheel on this website, there are four mutually corrective portraits there:  (1) Idries Shah, (2) Baba Farid, (3) Osho Rajneesh, and (4) An unknown alien from a planet that orbits the star Rigel, who is noticeably wearing a turban.  So we are now going to go into this unacceptable but real factor of the Alien Sufi Way, which has also been called the Kwaakleetaa Network or Brotherhood by extraterrestrial members I have personally met who explained the whole thing to me.  Of course, for the average earthbound, prejudiced, ignorant, backward and undeveloped visitor to this website, this is just another of my many outrageous and unacceptable claims.  The stupid Muslims cannot conceive of the human causal body and reincarnation, so it is also unacceptable to them that I am the individual reincarnation of the causal soul of Baba Farid.  It is also therefore unacceptable to the ignorant and petty Islamic type of Sufi that Rajneesh was also the reincarnation of my old friend and contemporary Islamic Sufi, Lal Shabaz Qalandar.



What’s Wrong With This Picture?


1—Idries Shah represents the Naqshbandi approach to the Sufi Way.  These guys are anti-devotional, brainy, clever and sneaky occultists of the Islamic world.  Idries Shah’s writings are endlessly a kind of bragging and mystification that his group are the ultimately occult developed magicians on the planet who secretly run evolution on the planet, which is constantly expressed as a sort of critical sociology set to appeal to people of Western Technological Atheism to supposedly resolve with Islamic pettiness.  I once asked a Lord in the House of Lords in England to help Idries Shah get the Templeton Prize for Religious Achievement.  He immediately begged the admiring Lord to please not do that because it would endanger him and his work.  This was obviously sincere and realistic, so we let him off the hook.



2—Baba Farid represents the Chishti Sufi Way, which employs music and the shouting out of Islamic slogans to induce states of extreme emotional ecstasy.  The activation of Heart is a good corrective for the Naqshbandi’s heartless, brainy and sneaky occultism, thus overcoming the immense intellectual and occult arrogance and sense of authoritarian superiority that afflicts them.  But the detriment of the Chishtiyya in the West is that Westerners are not organically conditioned as Muslims.  So, unless they are reincarnated Chishtis like myself, they cannot resonate in the Heart with Qawwali’s and emotionally shouting out in Arabic and Urdu slogans.  Instead of getting Heart Activation, they can only imitate with funny looks on their faces.  When I was starting out in life and tried to transmit the Chishti Sufi Way here in the West, every Thursday Night I would hang Chaddah’s, holy coverings from the tombs of all the Sufi Saints tombs in India and Pakistan, which I had sent a group of my students to collect for me, along with a vast collection of public and private Qawwali’s.  I thought that the tomb-cloths would have so much Kaif (Spiritual Power) and the Qawwali singing so much Baraka (Spiritual Blessing) that Westerners would be able to receive it all.  Alas, it did not work.  Even when miracles would take place, such as materializations of rose petals at those gigs, the Westerners just couldn’t get it and even hated registering the miracles, which confused them as much as it impressed them.  It was all going into the wrong place in their occultly greedy and heart-dead mentalities, so I had to give up such transmission efforts and have packed away the Holy Chaddahs for years!



3—Osho Rajneesh represents an attempt of sexual liberalism, heart intuition and unprejudiced global religious universalism to enter a Way that sort of quasi-Sarmounistically includes Sufism but without enough of sociological insight or intelligent sneaky occultism or political moxy.  As a vainglorious pseudo-avatar inviting personal adulation from starry eyed idiots who like sex orgies, he clearly carried over a great character defect that spoils what is correct in his insights and Sufic suggestions.  Though he does correct Naqshbandi and Chishti limitations, he also distorts the Sarmoun Perspective.



4—The unknown alien from the Rigel solar system of course represents the Sarmoun Sufic Network of accelerated personal evolution throughout virtually infinite alternative humanities in the total Twelvefold Timespace Universe.  This Cosmic Factor of course promotes Cosmic God-consciousness in mature seekers, but it blows the brain-circuits of Westerners who affiliate themselves with Idries Shah, Emotional Islamic Conditioning or Rajneesh Universalist and Vainglorious Sex Mania.


A truly cosmic extraterrestrial approach to the Sufi Way has fantastic implications for seekers from Earth in the future.  For instance, the idiots who think Arabic Zikr’s or Sanskrit-Mantras are automatically “holy” rather than merely exercising the neurocognitive conditioning of Muslim or Hindu petty and ignorant prejudice only produces silly imitation in the West much more than spiritual energization.  There are of course a few rare exceptions.  I once had a beginner in one of my old Qawwali sessions who was a reincarnated Chishti.  He, God bless him, would have heart-explosive sobbing and yelling out when he would hear Sabri Brothers recordings.  I was very happy for him, but he could not get his overall development rightly orientated and balanced, but wanted to cling to his emotional hypertrophy, so I had to dismiss him.  He went off with another Heart-only activation lady student of mine who was a reincarnated Shabazi Qalandari from old Sehwan who had been one of Lal Shabazi’s “holy whores”.  I always called her “Shabazi”.  Perhaps they are still listening to the Sabri Brothers and getting high on it.



Cosmic Issues


This problem of neurocognitive conditioning of Western Seekers cannot be overcome by attempting spiritual exercises in Arabic or Sanskrit.  Culture-bound exercises of the Near, Middle or Far East just won’t get the job done, nor will chanting in some tribal language of Medicine Men or Asian Shamans.  The real solution to creating uplifting vibrations in the Western Body is to learn to employ Cosmic Mantra/Zikr in genuine Cosmic Language, or what Weilgart calls AUI, the Language of Space.  The real universal Name of God is not “Hu” for instance, but KYU, which in Cosmic Language means Transcendental (KY) Spirit (U).  Associated with that name would be a more universal and transcendental awareness that would resonate with a non-theistic spiritual science with a quasi-Buddhist orientation.  This would be KYOO in Cosmic Language, which is Transcendental (KY) Awareness (OO).


If you want a Cosmic Kriyayoga of breathing up and down your spine for activating Quantum Energy in the atomic structure of your body for penetrating the inconscient and transmuting it, you could do what some Alien Sufis do and privately, mentally, chant Kyoo when you inhale up your spine and chant Kyoor (“Transcendental Power”) when you exhale down your spine.  Instantly you are a Cosmic Yogi working with real vibrational energies beyond the petty, local and earthbound cultures of ignorant Muslims and Hindus.  This is an aspect of the Alien Sufi Way.  If a Rigelian with an I.Q. of over 200 does it, it will not hurt you with your lesser thinking ability, but will actually boost your intelligence as well as your energy without even having to make use of Alien Inculcation Machine for rapid acquisition of knowledge.  So do try the Cosmic Zikr of Kyoo-Kyoor.  If you are a Kashmiri Shaiva of India, we would point out that Kyoo is the real name of Paramashiva and Kyoor the real name of Parashakti that can take you beyond your Hindu conditioning for the real thing.


Naturally, the shallow Western seekers on Sufi Web Forums only want to socialize and jerk off to one another in attempts to impress or seduce others, so they will not have a clue about all this even if they feel temporarily excited about all this occultly titillating stuff.  They are the ones who vanish when they hear the gossip that my miraculous cosmic consciousness is housed in a Western body that works professionally as a management consultant.  “How could any Westerner possibly be a Sufi Master?”  “How could any Sufi Master possibly do management consulting?”  Such thoughts are the level of retarded lunacy of typical socializers whom we are pointing out here, which even laughably includes, “Why would a Western Qutub Sarmouni call himself a ‘Qutub Sarmouni’ and wish to remain anonymous?  How come he does not give an e-mail address or advertise his Sufi Circle location in the West?  Why is he being occultly sneaky like the Naqshbandi’s?  Think about it.  If I or others like me in the West are fakes, charlatans, how come we prefer anonymous acts of cosmic service to humanity instead of trying to attract thousands of stupid Web Forum socializers who would personally drown us in their secondary motives and their constant stupid doubts, arguments and meaningless criticisms?  Why would we do that?  Where would be the point of real contact?  In actual fact, we have similar problems that advanced extraterrestrials have in establishing contact with people of evolutionary potential on Earth.  We are virtual extraterrestrials, which is why we are sometimes called “ultraterrestrials”.  When you have a “live one” virtually right in front of you here in cyberspace, you can’t handle it.  Your tiny little brain, conditioned in Western cynical atheism or imitation Islam, just can’t process Cosmic Information.  When you chat on the Web with other idiots like yourself, you only reinforce one another’s esoteric assumptions, taking yourselves even further away from any valid point of contact.  Most of you are truly lost and all too witty, snotty and sexy about it!  The ‘authenticity’ of myself or others like me will never be an issue that most of you earthbound retards will ever be capable of resolving.  How are We Cosmic Sufis supposed to teach or transmit in such a “New Age” environment?  You got to be fucking kidding.  For every slightly intelligent and potentially telepathic seeker, there are ten thousand who think that only ignorant and prejudiced “Eastern Masters” can be the Real Thing.  Those ten thousand gullible idiots are all victims of what was once called the Swami Mafia.  This means that if the Swamis of India hear that some mere Westerner has had a valid awakening of God-self, Shivatma, they immediately promote gossip that the Awakened One is a Western pretender and charlatan, because they hate Westerners to actually realize what the professional Swamis preach and teach in the West for money and fame.  There is also a Sufi Mafia that has the same sociology of cultural anal-territorial psychology.  Hence, to seek the Sufi Way in the West is to put yourself under the cultural domination of eastern authoritarian assholes who have some lower psychic powers but are far short of Oneness (Kaivalyam) with the Divine level of Being or “traveling within God”.  I and others like me make the Eastern pseudo-Sufis real nervous.  And they sure-as-hell cannot handle it that there is an Alien Sufi Way that spans the Total Universe completely beyond their ignorant little brains.



The Search


Do you want to find and enter the Cosmic Sarmoun Sufi Way?  Think of all the social forces in yourself and your environment that want to stop it.  You have to become like a strong salmon swimming upstream against the general superficial spiritual current.  You will have to go on under pressure of social isolation and being constantly misjudged and disparaged by endless deluded and proud retards.  Human beings are incapable of processing cosmic or validly occult information.  They are even less capable of processing cosmic and occult information in parallel.  Welcome to the cosmic lunatic asylum called “Earth” where any Real Human Being will be treated as if He or She is mad and a disruptive misfit who is disturbing some local ignorant conditioning.  The Earth never fosters real spiritual talent, but always does everything possible to suppress it.  “If you can’t take it, you won’t make it.”  So, stop mindlessly chatting on the goddamn Web and start seeking a valid point of contact.  You can’t find the True when you are cultivating the False.  A whole Universe beyond earthbound so-called “Sufi Masters” awaits you.  Stop letting the bastards deceive you!  I am not your problem, but your potential liberator.  Cosmic Truth Liberates.  There really is important Unknown Cosmic Truth.  Search for Greater Truth.  Get active about this and stop waiting for it to just come to you as some offered weekend seminar somewhere.  Whatever is advertised is false.  Only charlatans advertise and indiscriminately accept whoever feels attracted.  Whoever on their website says ‘contact me’ or ‘contact us’ at such and such address, e-mail, or the like, is a pretender or group of pretenders.  When such pretenders say “learn real meditation at our Sufi Centre”, you can know that such fools are themselves desperately in need of real thinking and meditation.  Desperate and indiscriminate recruiting has never been the Way anywhere in the Universe!


Now take note:  Sometimes I will advertise a set of juicy seminars on esoteric subjects, but (A) I never have any intention whatsoever to actually give one, and (B) I never give any real way to contact me or actually sign up for anything.  Why do you suppose I would do things like that?