The Unteachable
Modern Emotional Mind

by Qutub Sarmouni

The modern emotional mind is unteachable.  It is proud, reactive, foolish, distracted, silly, pretentious and pseudo-independent.  The modern emotional mind is neurotic, disturbed and covered over with false confidence and false happiness.  Its laughter is empty and phony, just there for show to other empty people who also lack depth and authentic spirit, real Being.  The false seems to work because other false people respond in kind.  When everybody is pretending in the same way with the same signals and nods, this consensus of pretence seems to be solid and workable.  Society and its coming destruction is composed of the mutual game played by proud, ignorant, distracted and emotionally reactive modern minds.  One can be very aware of all this, but one needs the courage to be alone in one’s observations, for the majority are invariably the unteachable modern emotional minds, which minds are incapable of awakening serious intelligence, observation, questioning or awareness.


The modern emotional minds want all minds to conform to social falsity and emptiness.  Their ship of society, of business and politics, is sinking, but they do not want any alert rats deserting.  They want all to be as neurotically proud and pseudo-free, unaware, unstudious and thoughtless as themselves.  The modern emotional mind is a fool that thinks it is wise, a confused idiot that believes it is sophisticated.  It heedlessly lowers itself into the deterioration of old age and death as if it has had all necessary experiences.  It blabbers its useless opinions to its kind.  It believes it is an expert to be called upon rather than the secretly tortured and confused biological robot that it actually is.


The modern emotional mind wants to help others and the world when it cannot even help itself or allow an actually mature mind to instruct it.  It avoids the mature so that it can imagine it is already mature.  It avoids the truly free spirit, the liberated soul, because it wants to imagine that it is already free, that it “thinks for itself”.  It has never learned genuine thinking, freedom and real higher awareness from a teacher because it wants to protect its automatic responses and its foolish, life-wasting and harmful plans and activities.  The modern emotional mind is self-destructive and wrecking the environment, it upholds oppressive, lying and cruel government, yet it thinks it is intelligent and helpful.  Its view of itself is an exercise in continuous self-deception.  Such a mind cannot teach or learn.  Such a mind is an inherent waste of life.  It is hardly more than a talking animal that resents mature observation or critical analysis of its farcical thinking and meaningless involvements.


The modern emotional mind is self-clogged with learning disabilities.  It avoids any mature mind, book or situation that would awaken the truth of itself and end its pretences.  Such a mind does not want to learn how to learn from a teacher, nor will it sincerely admit a need for a teacher.  The pseudo-wise avoid and ignore the truly wise because the neurotic pride of the pseudo-wise fears exposure and correction.


The modern emotional mind is not only unteachable by a more mature human being, but it refuses to extensively question interactive wisdom oracles that would nourish a higher learning current within them.  Because an interactive wisdom oracle will have a supply of truly wise answers, such answers will not flatter the modern emotional mind nor uphold its vain and pretentious nonsense.  When the modern emotional mind receives a truly wise answer from an interactive wisdom oracle, it runs away and does not come back because it is afraid of the truth of itself.  Perfectly clear and meaningful answers will be treated by the proud modern mind as “inappropriate” or “meaningless” or “too far out”.


The modern emotional mind will not ask the right questions of either a more mature mind or even of an interactive wisdom oracle.  This is because the modern emotional mind wants to protect its self-enclosed pseudo-learning from the books and articles it dabbles in.  Lacking higher perception, having no real evolutionary development, the modern emotional mind tries to believe it does not need higher perception or evolutionary development; or it becomes a New Ager who believes he or she knows how to follow its “interests” in such matters to a successful conclusion, which might cause it to experiment with “meditation” or “healing”; or even become a demented New Age Counselor or Mentor who imagines it already has “higher perception” or “evolutionary development”.


The modern emotional mind is so unteachable that even if it happens to read an article like this one, it will imagine the article is written for the masses of other seekers, but not for itself personally.  It may even praise this article without suspecting that such praise is self-deceptive refusal to face the truth.  Or it may condemn and criticize this article without facing the real internal reason for such an ugly reaction.


The modern emotional mind that is unteachable is probably your own mind.  Are you prepared to face this fact and do something real about it before it’s too late?