The Way Of The Whirling Dervishes
Began A Million Years Ago On Sirius B
by Qutub Sarmouni

Whitley Strieber, an Alien Abductee and Contactee, in his book Transformation remembers earlier experiences than the later experiences described in his book Communion.  In the chapter, The Lost Land, in Transformation, we hear of his life as a youth in 1968 traveling around Europe.  In the summer, 1968, he was taken on board an Extraterrestrial Spacecraft (disguised as an airplane) to another planet, which was evidently Sirius B, the homeworld of the Little Blue Doctors of the famous book and film, Communion.  This journey was no mere “abduction”, but an unconscious, forgotten, but immensely significant spiritual pilgrimage to an extremely potent sacred place of dervish dancing on another planet of another star than our Sun.  Serious researchers into Ufology and Alien Contact thus have every reason to converse with serious researchers into human evolution and mysticism, particularly in the form of the Sufi Way that is presently embedded within the externalist rigidities and pettinesses of Islam.   This has been and remains a matter of both transmission to Muslims ready to move beyond outer religious conditioning and survival through pretending to be Muslims to avoid persecution and martyrdom, which includes pretending that the Sufi Way began with Islam and the Koran of Mohammed.


I am going to comment on some excerpts from Whitley Strieber’s book Transformation so that serious researchers may take a fresh new step in their evolutionary understanding and progress.



Excerpt One:


I rushed off to Rome’s Termini station, where I jumped on the next train out.  As it happened it was going north, and I stayed aboard as far as Strasbourg.  There I left it and hopped another train, again choosing it because it was just starting to leave the station.  This one took me all the way across southern France to Port Bou, where I got a Spanish train bound for Barcelona.  I remained there in a back room in a hotel on the Ramblas.  I only went out at night.


Comment One:


Why was he brought to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain by an inner higher compulsion?  Surely it was not merely to see the incredibly far out architecture of Gaudi!  But the whole region there has a peculiar atmosphere.  For instance, just up the coast from Barcelona one can find a wonderful little town with a marvelous beach, which is Tossa de Mar.  There one will find, for instance, a marvelous statue of the Greek Goddess, Athena plus another marvelous statue of Jonathon Livingston Seagull!



Excerpt Two:


In Communion I reported that the rest of this memory was “a jumbled mess”.  After much thought I believe that I can now reconstruct it in some detail.


Comment Two:


In the Carlos Castaneda books we hear many accounts of how his teacher, Juan Matus, would slap Castaneda hard on the back, giving a jolt of higher energy to his Assemblage Point or Center of Consciousness behind the right shoulder blade.  This would shift Castaneda into Heightened Awareness, which is more vivid and intense than ordinary, dull human everyday so-called “consciousness”.  Castaneda and his teacher, Juan Matus, would also discuss at length that when returning to ordinary “consciousness”, the sorcery apprentice would tend to lose all the memories of things experienced in Heightened Awareness and that one of the greatest tasks of an apprentice sorcerer was to retrieve and reconstruct the lost memories of Heightened Awareness.  It should therefore be obvious that Extraterrestrial Teachers were pushing Whitley Strieber into Heightened Awareness in the same manner as the Nagual Juan Matus would push Carlos Castaneda into Heightened Awareness.  The struggles of Whitley Strieber to remember and reconstruct his experiences with Alien Extraterrestrials are totally parallel to Carlos Castaneda’s struggles to remember and reconstruct his experiences with Nagual Seers in Mexico.  The cognitive and hypercognitive issues here are immense.  It means that the very “self” of a human being can be in one of two types of “self state”:

1.     The ordinary everyday self that the Nagual Seers call the Tonal or “social self” or that the Sarmoun Sufis (see, for instance, the explanation of all this in the book Rumi The Persian: Rebirth In Love And Creativity by Dr. A. Reza Arasteh, a contemporary Sarmouni) simply call the Social Self, which is a person clinging to his or her beliefs of personal conditioning and habits of one’s organic background culture.

2.     The extraordinary self that the Nagual Seers call the Nagual or “Spirit Self” or that the Sarmoun Sufis call the “Cosmic Self” (again, see Dr. Arasteh on this).


It is also urgently significant that these two positions of Conscious and Hyperconscious selfhood are called Host and Guest in the teachings of Ancient Chinese Ts’an/Zen, which have five (5) basic interpositions worth deeply studying (consciously) and experiencing (superconsciously).


That Strieber finds himself remembering and reconstructing his “jumbled mess” of his trip to and on the Sirius B planet is good for both himself personally and all evolutionarily awakening human beings on Earth.



Excerpt Three:


I was hiding in my little back room one night when a woman arrived with what she described as a ticket on Egyptair.  This was not as impossible as it sounds; in 1968 Nasser had organized an enormous number of student flights, and Egyptair had many European destinations on its schedules.  These usually turned out to be almost total fiction, as most of the flights weren’t actually running.

I took the ticket, but I have no memory of going to the airport.  My next clear memory is of the interior of the plane, which I had entered through a door in the floor.  During the flight I became nauseated.  Someone I perceived to be a nurse or stewardess dropped three drops of a clear liquid out of an eyedropper onto my tongue.

The air in the plane smelled nasty, and there was a continuous bone-rattling hum and a great deal of sharp jolting around.  I can remember a large blond man in a white uniform sitting beside me.  He described himself as my “coach” and he read aloud from what looked like a book made of limp cloth.


Comment Three:


The disguise of “Egyptairimplies a connection with the Sarmoun Brotherhood in the Near and Middle East with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which anticipates this article!


The “coach” is from the Pleiades (tall blonds) who have an “arrangement” with people of Sirius B and Sirius A in regard to special dispositions of abductees and contactees from Earth in regard to Extraterrestrial space-travel.  If you will remember from the alien abduction book by Travis Walton, when he was on board a “flying saucer” with “Little Greys” he too was accompanied by a Tall Blond Humanoid.


Whitley Strieber’s Tall Blond “coach” was obviously reading aloud an Ancient Extraterrestrial spiritual text to prepare Whitley’s causal body (“Soul”) for a spiritual awakening on the Sirius B planet.

He was given the drops of medicinal liquid to help him deal with the common nausea one can experience from traveling at hyper-light speeds.



Excerpt Four:


I left the plane through the hatch in the floor and was taken out across a broad expanse of concrete by four men in dark-blue uniforms.  They were small, considerably shorter than me.  At the time this did not seem at all unusual.  In appearance they were identical to the men I encountered on April 1, 1986, and who carried me from my room on December 26, 1985.  I now know that they have also been seen by many other participants, and are in fact one of the most commonly encountered types.  They are usually much more friendly than the beings with the large, slanted eyes, and they sometimes display a considerable sense of humor.


Comment Four:


The taller beings with dark, large, almond and slanted eyes are “big nosed Greys” from Sirius A.  They are wearing breathing masks with dark protective goggles, just like the “Little Greys” or Ancient Lunar people (see the book Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown).  The Sirius A people apparently developed from the feline or cat phylum.  It is they who in very ancient times set up in Babylon (Baba Lyon, Baba Lion, Father Lion) and interbred with pre-Jews to create the Semite or Arab subrace of humanity.  That is why the Arabs tend to have the big hooked-noses.


The Little Blue Doctors (Fish phylum people) from Sirius B are the Elders of the symbiotic relationship of Sirius B with Sirius A.  They are indeed much older, wiser, relaxed, humorous and “down-to-Earth” than the still rather up-tight and authoritarian people of Sirius A.



Excerpt Five:


In 1972 a number of vivid thoughts surfaced that I now realize were connected to that summer.  They involved a journey to a great desert.  This desert had a tan sky that was so bright it was difficult to look at.  It never really got dark there.

The little men took me into an oasislike setting that was bordered by tall, very thin trees and crossed by a narrow lane.  Over this lane there stood an enormously high arch.  One of the men with me — who seemed very jolly and gay — said that the arch was to commemorate “the achievements of the scholars”. Ahead I saw a completely tumbledown building.  It was on a cliff at the edge of the oasis and was so old that it seemed almost to have blended with the stones themselves.  Beyond and below it I could see the tremendous desert.

I was told that the building was a university “a million years old”.  I was really very excited to go inside.  We approached the building and I said, “Is it in ruins?” The reply was, “No, but the scholars aren’t much good at maintenance.”  There was an imposing entrance, but I was taken around to a side door that was reached by clambering over sharp volcanic rocks.  These stones were fearsome, and for years afterward I had a recurring dream of climbing through them and trying very hard not to cut myself.


Comment Five:


This is an obvious description of an Alien planet with an Ancient Alien Higher Evolutionary Learning Center.  The term “scholars” means something far more than it would on Earth.  Higher Learning includes studying the right books and experiencing what is in those books, usually with an older, wiser, more knowledgeable and spiritually developed individual or even group of such individuals who alternately impact oneself.



Excerpt Six:


As we approached the door we encountered two taller, thin men with gigantic, black, almond-shaped eyes.  They were not nearly as friendly as the small men in blue.  In fact, when they stared at me I felt naked.  It was hard to be in their presence.  One of them said, “He isn’t ready yet.”  This deflated me.  Things had been going so well; I’d felt very much approved.  Now there was a sense of desperation.  Why wasn’t I ready?  I wanted to go in.


Comment Six:


Advanced students from Sirius A are clearly acting as “Gate Keepers” at the Sacred Institutional Center on Sirius B.  Their function was demonstrated to Whitley Strieber as psychological information for all who hear his account, which includes you who are now reading about all this in this context.



Excerpt Seven:


The two tall beings left.  One of my guides announced, “They said you weren’t ready, but now they’re gone.”  So in we went.  I found an absolutely featureless corridor made of what seemed to be dark-green stone.  The floors were dusty and felt like packed earth.  There were doorways, and light shone across the floor from each.  I was taken into the first room.  Its floor was etched with a circle, and there was a large window looking out over the desert.

When I went into the circle I wanted at once to dance.  There was no music, but when I danced I felt a sensation that I cannot describe.  The best was to characterize it would be to call it a movement that led at once to great loneliness and great excitement.  When I danced I found myself for moments inside other people and other lives.  I was walking up a narrow, curved road.  A portly redheaded man was running toward me.  He was wearing a white toga, and my impression was that I was seeing something happening in ancient Rome.

The dance took on great passion and intensity.  Round and round I went, sailing through armies of lives, places familiar and unfamiliar.  It was as if my soul had hungered for this.  I sailed round and round and round, going faster and faster.  I don’t know how long I danced, but it was glorious.


Comment Seven:


My contacts and sources say that the Iranian, Shams-i-Tabriz, traveled on his spiritual quest so extensively and sincerely that he was taken to the same Sacred Center on Sirius B as Whitley Strieber and had a similar awakening of his causal body and similar joyous recollections of his past lives and the like with similar induced ecstatic whirling dancing.  Having experienced this awakening and unfoldment, he was returned to Earth and humanity as a “Cosmic Self” beyond all religions and mechanical culture and language conditionings.  He thus became a wandering virtual extraterrestrial, an Ultraterrestrial looking for intelligent people who might be ready for a transmission of Cosmic Truth and Energy beyond cultural conditioning of ordinary society.  In the Arasteh book, Rumi The Persian, we thus read a good account and explanation of what happened when Shams-i-Tabriz found Jalal ad-Din Rumi (of Turkey) and initiated him into the Sarmoun Sufi Way beyond Islam.  My contacts and sources say that Shams-i-Tabriz also arranged to take Jalal ad-Din Rumi to Sirius B to the same Sacred Center, where Rumi also tasted the Kaif  (powerful sacred radiations) there and was plunged into the same Sacred Whirling Dance of Causal Awakening or what the Tibetans call “Bodhichitta”, Awakening-of-Hyper-Consciousness.  So, Jalal ad-Din Rumi, once returned to Earth, set up a similar Sacred Dance center for causal awakening on Earth and used his own Kaif (activated Quantum Kundalini Energy) of his own Spirit and body to transmit it into his own students, who were whirling as instructed.  His own body in his tomb to this day radiates the Kaif from Sirius B, so there is a secret chamber underneath his tomb where carved arms and hands come out of a big pillar.  Dervishes there can circumambulate this device and at the right moment are “stopped” to seize a virtual hand of Rumi and receive the Kaif and the Baraka, “Blessing”, of the Holy Body and Holy Spirit of Rumi.  Some dervishes report very high experiences from doing this.


In the Gurdjieff Work, there is a pale reflection of all this when Western students are taught to imitate Dervish “Movements”, but without Kaif or Baraka as if simply the “Movements” as movements have some powerful virtue.  The same thing went wrong when Carlos Castaneda formed a cult of unready people being taught “Magical Passes” without the full transmission of Nagual Power, as if their bodily exercises have some special virtue without Nagual Power, thus putting them on a similar level as Tai Chi Ch’uan exercises without the Chi, the Kaif, the Quantum Kundalini Power.



Excerpt Eight:


Next I was with a woman who was so pale that even her lips were without color.  She handed me a piece of fruit that looked like a giant fig.  She told me to eat it.  I said that I didn’t care to eat it.  She replied that I had to.

Feeling very dubious, I bit into it.  At once there was a terrible bitterness, and it seemed like my head was going to split open.


Comment Eight:


The woman (apparently an American more advanced than Whitley Strieber who was allowed to do advanced studies and developments right there on Sirius B) was showing Strieber that Kaif, Quantum Kundalini Shakti Power, can be transmitted through food, like a common fruit, from a person with a body full of a high grade of it.  In India this is called “Prasad” as a form of “Kundalini Shaktipat” or “Descending Transmission of High Spiritual Power”.  In my own youth, I had become personally acquainted with a Siddha (highly developed individual) from South India (Kerala State) who gave me a plum as Prasad.  Upon eating it my Kundalini Quantum Energy became highly activated and I entered into Heightened Awareness as I was “turned every which way but loose” as the saying goes.



Excerpt Nine:


I was aware of a group of people, some with tears in their eyes, watching me from behind the line of white tape as I went off on my own.  I found that the grass was very soft and fine, and I sat in it for a time.  Then I started to return to the university, but one of the tall beings who’d said I wasn’t ready was there.  He waved me away and I thought it better not to go.  I went instead to an area of shacks made of what looked like adobe and dried tree branches.  They were very rough and simple.  In them I would find things like a single wooden bowl, or a discarded blue uniform.  Some of the small men were there, and I was so surprised at the simplicity of their dwellings that they laughed aloud at me.


Comment Nine:


Strieber was shown that the little but highly advanced Alien people of Sirius B have a life-philosophy amazingly parallel to Taoism in Ancient China.



Excerpt Ten:


I remember so well dancing that lost wild dance, a journey across the essence of time.  It feels as if the best of my life has been lived in secret, and is lost somewhere down a labyrinth.  All I have left are confused memories, flickers and flashes, and a few snatches of verse to suggest the wonderful journeys I have taken and the magical things I have seen.  I hope and pray that it will one day be given to me to remember.


Comment Ten:


Whitley Strieber had a big spiritual door opened up in his Heart (causal body), but he has failed to follow-through in spiritual and occult traditions of Earth that could have helped explain his experiences with Extraterrestrial benefactors and help him progress them in his on-going life on Earth.  Even now it is not too late for him to wake up the Big Picture of Human Evolution on Earth and Beyond and thus essentially join the Sarmoun Brotherhood of Ultraterrestrials, for he has certainly been given a wonderful starting point in his present body.