What Is Really Most Worth
Thinking And Talking About
by Qutub Sarmouni

What is really most worth thinking and talking about?  Who or what decides this and for whom?


Existentially, the most important subject is usually the personal self, the being-here-in-the-world as an accumulating-personal-history with its hopes and fears moving into its future with its beliefs and disbeliefs about life, death, the possible after-life and the even more remotely possible reincarnation of causal timespace individuality in a future body and mind.  Some also seriously cultivate a possible physical immortality as a superexistential concernful engagement with their world.  Yet others aspire to become a Q like in Star Trek, to be a Star-god who can materialize any kind of physical body anywhere, anytime, for any pleasure or pastime or whim, like a divinity of Olympus.


Our concern, aspiration or anxiety toward the future is obviously shaped by our cosmogony, worldview or set of paradigms on various topics.  Our Reality Model, our set of beliefs and disbeliefs, determines our existential concern, our value system, which is how we decide what is most important to think and talk about.  But there is also a flip side to all this, for what we are most concerned about also will shape our beliefs and disbeliefs.  If we are most concerned and engaged with our sexual, financial or social leadership or popularity concerns, we tend to believe we are nothing but physical bodies with no necessary life after death or future reincarnation.  Any worldview that would question our seemingly pragmatic and satisfying beliefs and disbeliefs makes us rather uncomfortable.  We would not want to make a pragmatic in-depth and experiential out-of-the-body investigation of the Six Realms of Mind described by the Tibetan tradition, which realms they call Bardos.  Nor would we want to combine it with Robert Monroe’s approach to learning to get out of the body to see first-hand what is going on with human death and future reincarnation.  We would not, for instance, like to know about the Realm/Bardo of the Hungry Ghosts.  Apparently, if we can comprehend it, when we die, we lose our physical sense organs of pleasure, such as our sex organ and our mouth, with which we have the pleasures of sex and tasty food.  Unfortunately, our life-energy and energetic memories of sex and food, as well as the desire for these, goes with our subtle surviving mind or psyche in spite of our loss of body or soma.  Hence when boy ghost meets desirable girl ghost, and both appear physical and attractive, they cannot actually have sex, which is horribly frustrating.  Also, we cannot actually taste desirable food or drink no matter how heavily we hunger or thirst in our departed energy double which is no longer in the required physical organism.  This can apparently become quite hellish and disgusting!  Now this can obviously be a very diabolical set-up where billions of people who are extremely into their sex or food on Earth are headed unwittingly to heavy post-mortem frustrations in spite of their disbelief system in their soon-to-be-buried physical brain.  For a dry, intellectual scientist who is arrogant and intellectually competitive person, a brain-in-a-jar type, who is not much into sex or food, he is perhaps not as threatened by the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts as by the Realm of the Jealous Demons where the suffering is a self-isolating darkness of intense anguish which he has to deal with, having only his intensely shattered Worldview or Materialism Reality Model.  Also, such a departed heavy, cynical disbeliever has to endlessly experience that no one in Heaven and nobody on Earth particularly gives a shit what he believed or disbelieved.  He begins to wish that he had been extinguished with his brain at death, for now he has to think anxiously about everything in a dark void of emptiness and seeming futility as a deceased and unimportant ghost, a total “nobody”.


Our values and worldviews shape one another in an existential causal feedback loop that is moving steadily toward a statistically unavoidable death and its probable aftermath.  Heidegger dealt strongly with the first part and perhaps the Tibetans and the Theosophists, as well as the Mexican Naguals of Carlos Castaneda fame, as well as Robert Monroe, have dealt better with the after-life.


Now, if we really like sex and food, we better become Immortalists and seriously learn how to keep our physical body extremely pure and healthy and functional forever.  The threat of that Bardo of the Hungry Ghosts may be just a bit too pragmatic and real in an unpleasant way.  In such a case, we need an Enlightened Free Will quite urgently, even if some brain-in-jar philosophers do not believe in After-life or Free Will or even Consciousness, which Consciousness could possibly become greatly expanded, enlightened, heightened or superconscious.  It is, after all, our ass on the line, not theirs in regard to us.  Disbelieving in the After-life while cultivating bodily pleasure is playing a kind of psychic Russian Roulette with our own Being-here in the erroneous gamble that we have no Being-there.  And what if there really is a Tibetanoid Bardo Realm of Hell-Dwellers for those who get too heavily into Hatred, Anger, Bitterness, Gloom and Depression or Sorrow of extreme Self-pity?  Cultivating heavy negative emotions might be a genuine Gateway of Hell and what might feel like endless burning or freezing, even if it eventually wears out and turns into some sort of horrific reincarnation as a starving Negro in North Africa.


I cannot help but think that what is most urgently important to think and talk about is the Existential Dilemma of what can actually happen to us.  Are we not all most naturally centered in our own personal future?  No matter how hidden this anxious concern or aspiration may be, no matter how much this includes others or even the whole of humanity, it is the unclarity of our Being-here-toward-being-there.  We reek of our probable impermanence in the present all too obviously fucked-up and painful World of Humanity and the Earth.


To be a real Thinker obviously implies something more than succumbing to the contemporary mediocrity of embracing the prejudices and dogmas of scientific materialism where everybody is looking forward to personal annihilation at the moment of physical death.  Believing such a thing without serious questioning is in some ways more self-defeating than being a stupid Christian, Jew or Muslim.  A goat is not much of an improvement over a sheep.  Jehovah’s Witnesses, for instance, believe they will be physically resurrected (like Jesus) after God destroys the World with the help of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds (ROR) and the Neocon/ New Labour Bush-Blair Coalition.  They would be more likely to get a physical immortality by practicing the teachings of Taoist Yoga and Aurobindo.  But, because they are stupid, they imagine that religious belief has real personal power of regeneration.  So, the scientist, perceiving that foolishness partially, does not mind the Neocon Armageddon because he disbelieves in life-after-death.  He imagines that his disbelief has the personal power to destroy his very existence.  He actually hopes that he has no real or permanent self or consciousness.  Claiming that self-consciousness is a mere epiphenomenon of the human material brain at best, he yet cultivates an immense vanity and egotism over his own personal epiphenomenon.  He longs for his intellectual fame and high repute as a “scientific philosopher” when his own Belief/Disbelief System says that his own “brilliant genius” self-consciousness is nothing but a fleeting illusion of the brain he both is and is not, which is soon about to be annihilated.  And why should he worry what the fame of his dead brain in the future will be when the only honor and glory he will have had will die with all the dead brains that used to read his books or attend his lectures?  Dead brains that bought symbolic immortality through a large group of brains soon to be dead brains is ridiculous in the extreme, especially when number one dead brain will not be there to enjoy it.  The wonderful fact is that both the Human Sheep (the Christian) and the Human Goat (the scientific Materialist) are going to be equally dead as bodies or brains.  Neither Jesus nor Einstein can get them what they are after.  Also, since neither the body nor the brain are a self or a consciousness, both are avoiding the real issue in all this, which very urgently needs genuine questioning, thinking and learning.


The brain is a phenomenal object and cannot possibly produce or be a self, a noumenal subject.  Only a Noumenal Self operating with an invisible Life-energy can cause the phenomenal object that is a material brain to function quasi-thoughtfully with its organic living memories, which accumulate during the temporal life-span.  Without the presence of Consciousness and Life, the poor little object that is a brain cannot do the pretentious self-contradicting “brilliant ego” of a brain-in-jar materialistic scientist.  Actually, it is only a pathetically weak Soul or Self-consciousness that can get into such a pitiful state of nonsense, just as it is a pathetically weak Soul or Self-consciousness that gets into Christian or other silly religious beliefs.  It takes a strong Self-consciousness or Soul to rise beyond all self-defeating beliefs and disbeliefs of popular pseudo-philosophers and pseudo-theologians.  The human race is obviously retarded and needs contact with more evolved Extraterrestrial Intelligence just for starters, but even then we have the horrible example of Whitley Strieber who remains philosophically, scientifically and theologically backward in spite of his Alien relationships.  He is just barely above average.  His ideas on the history of Humanity on Earth are more inaccurate, for instance, than David Icke’s stuff, which is also full of sheer crap that he makes up to fill in the gaps he creates.  But all of this is about genuine thinking and learning, which do not happen much on our planet. 


Humanity has a long way to go.  So, the personal issue for each of us is whether or not we will sacrifice our very life and higher potential Superconsciousness to the all-too common prevailing belief and disbelief systems.  Our life and potential require some serious Paradigm Shifting cognitively and very serious Energy Shifting in the sense of Juan Matus the Mexican Seer or the Self-Awakening of a Zen Master or a Kundalini Siddhayogi.


The twin cultivation of Godself-Awakening-of-Q-hood and Physical Life-extension make perfect sense to genuine Thinkers who think and talk about what is truly most important.  Waiting around for contemporary mediocres to get out of the usual socially conditioned traps of the Time is most definitely thoughtless and self-defeating.  We need to release our Consciousness and Life into unconditioned and non-habitual Thinking and Living from a Supraglobal and Cosmic Perspective.  Whoever does not do this is just a pompous little idiot without a real future.


Unknown men and women on Earth have become Divine and Immortal.  This is a fact that real research shows when one examines the right information available here on Earth.  It is only denied by those who have not examined the information.  Genuine Thinkers search for and study a maximum of unusual information.  In this way they repeatedly have a Worldview or Cosmogony Shift, which is authentic Search For-Truth or true philosophy, which is not just European or Ancient Greek.  Lack of processing Greater Information because of modern prejudice severely constricts our existential future as both a being here and a being there.


Inwardly weak and thoughtless people actually have very little of authentic Self, Consciousness or Free Will.  They are virtual biological robots that are all too easily hypnotized, manipulated and dangerously herded en-masse by government propaganda.  The Armenian Non-Islamic Sarmoun Sufi, Gurdjieff, brought all this out in the early Twentieth Century as P.D. Ouspensky reported in his wonderful book, In Search of the Miraculous, which is worth a read.  Full-blown Being, Consciousness and Free Will are possible for people of the planet Earth, but rather uncommon and rare.  The more common, popular and mediocre your belief or skeptical disbelief, the more likely it is to be only partially realistic if at all!


Find more, better, wider and stranger information.  Tear down all your beliefs and disbeliefs.  Reconstruct your Worldview, your Reality Model, from scratch.  Your entire present Knowledge System is truly pitiful!  You only know a tiny fragment of what is really going on or what is possible for free individuals.  Stop egomaniacally imagining that your Thinking and Learning have been adequate to date.  You waste far too much time cultivating secondary issues and talking to others about them.  You are only moving toward a premature death and a stupid afterlife, possibly to be followed by an unpromising and difficult rebirth in a shitty circumstance on a mostly destroyed and oppressive planet Earth.  Even that reincarnation might be hard to get when the population has been severely reduced by the murderous New World Order.  Awaken your Higher Intelligence or suffer!  Face what is really most important to be thinking and talking about.  Question all philosophical and spiritual authorities!  Do not let them fuck over your own life and death, your own evolutionary potential.  Finding anyone who has really got it all right is almost impossible on this God-forsaken planet.


If you identify with a nationality, culture, tribe or religion, get over it!  If you identify with scientific materialism, get over it!  If you identify with the Sufis, the Hindu Gurus or the Tibetan Reincarnation Tulkus, get over it!  If you identify with European or Ancient Greek philosophers, get over it!  If you identify with J.Krishnamurti, get over it!  You need Greater Truth, not an identification that blocks off further search and discovery.


Think about the obvious fact that you have hardly begun to think in the fullest meaning of it.  I have met far too many contemporary “thinkers” or “seekers” like you to not be shocked and disgusted by the kind of activities you call “thinking” or “serious search”.  Your imaginings about yourself are far huger than your actual thinking and searching capacity!  The quantities of potentially relevant information that you routinely reject are vast.  You are not even a tenth as “open minded” as you like to stupidly and vainly believe about yourself.  Your social self-image, which you endlessly waste your life cultivating, is just further destroying your higher learning potential.  In your present state, I truly wonder why you have bothered to read this article, even if you would flatter yourself by praising it.


You need a major new awakening about everything brought up in this article.


You do not need to convince other egomaniacs about anything.  Your own knowledge, understanding and self-development are woefully incomplete.  If you could somehow grasp what a pretentious donkey’s arse you have actually become this far, there might be some slight hope for you!


We are wholly unimpressed with the way you have read this article.  You are cultivating too many assumptions about yourself and various significant issues even now.  You just aren’t getting it!


You are just adding all this into a lot of superficial rubbish that you ignorantly cling to.  When you throw a diamond into a big bag of useless, cheap bubbles, your very lack of discrimination loses the value of the valuable.  It is just like the stupid pseudo-spiritual Web-forums where the participants cannot tell the difference between a sexually frustrated witty loser and a slightly serious thinker.  When you mix the unpopular but real with the popular but unreal, you only keep yourself superficial, spiritually confused and retarded in your personal evolution.  Learn to discriminate!


Most of the readers of this article are all too much like you.  That is one of your biggest problems.  You are all too easily distracted after going slightly into all this.  Take a real look at yourself.  Do you really want to wake up?