Beyond The Familiar Everyday World
by Qutub Sarmouni


The familiar everyday world is the perfect place to experience frustration, disappointment, undesirable people and unwanted chores.  If you can somehow arrange in yourself to see the real nature and meaning of the everyday world, your tensions and troubles that you normally experience in it will begin to dissolve as the more real but unfamiliar world emerges into view.


The unfamiliar world is infinite.  This means that you cannot become converted to it as when you would join some particular culture, religion or tradition.  You cannot enter it as you would a community, cult or spiritual movement.  You cannot adhere to it as a faithful member of a path or way that rejects other ways, other spiritual or occult belief-systems.  You can become converted to a finite religion of a finite “God”, but you cannot become converted to infinite religion of infinite God.


You must cease to be a spiritual coward.  You must stop embedding your being in a self-enclosed space of familiar habits, people and ways of belief, of thoughtless assumptions.  You must detect where dead habits, dead people and dead ways of so-called “thinking” are keeping you dead.  You need to discover now that you are excessively perpetuating habitual patterns of behavior, activity and relationship.  You must see all the ways you keep refusing to leap into fresh air onto fresh ground.  You need to learn to walk in the sky, to explore the boundless void, the true Unknown.


Will you now choose to answer the call that leads beyond the familiar everyday world?  If you are beginning to answer the call, you will have to realize that the true spiritual science that makes a bridge between the external world of outer showing-off and the internal world of direct spiritual realization has never been successfully passed down except to a very few among all those who to this day believe themselves to be genuine receivers of it.  This means that you will have to awaken enough in your higher inner consciousness to see for yourself how the majority of spiritual authorities and followers prefer to convince themselves of the reality and significance of a lesser experience instead of seeking the true spiritual guide, the one who can transmit the greater experience.


You must beware of blindly clutching at people and groups who seem to possess the authentic spiritual science of the highest human development, however sincere or seemingly unprejudiced and “Universal” they may believe they are, for it is the sincerity of their vanity that prevents them from seeing the self-choking nature of their conditioning as biological robots of a particular language and culture.  Sincerity of conditioned imitation is not an argument for it. True teachers must be able to demonstrate God-realization to you instead of merely making claims of it.  Whether the Godman or Godwoman is ostensibly a Muslim, a Hindu, a Sikh, a Modern Universalist or even a Buddhist or Tribal Shaman, that being must somehow signal to the most Divine or spiritual reality in your own inmost consciousness.  When this happens you will know it if the higher element within you is awake, alert enough, for you to know it.


The dawning of great spiritual recognition and higher connectivity within yourself does not come from some external cultural entertainment or stimulation of your personal restlessness to travel to distant lands.  It comes rather from allowing the means to be provided for you by which you can take fullest advantage of being an alive and intelligent human being who is awakening a real, genuine inner sensibility to the evolutionary needs of the time, place and people immediately surrounding your aspiration.  To be free of prejudice, of hampering limitation, does not mean you are greedily lunging at exotic situations that titillate your everyday familiar self of your everyday familiar world.  It is not about superficial occult adventure.


Beware of the belief that your time, place and available people are somehow especially disadvantaged in the realm of spiritual culture.  Beware of your tendency to be jealous or envious of the apparent advantages of other times, places or people, whether these advantages are spiritual or financial, such as freedom and ability to travel.  Life will test you in a variety of ways about this repeatedly until you have learned to be truly accepting and generous.  You must realize that you do not need control over people or situations that seem to be important for you.  You must go with the natural flow of events and opportunities, ever remembering that who or what needs to be in direct connection with you will be there without you having to desperately clutch and clench tightly.  In fact, what needs to connect with you and be with you will do so more readily if you can remain open and relaxed about various comings and goings in reference to yourself.


There is a fundamental spiritual discipline, a correct austerity, a giving up of personally anxious social self, that enables you to perceive beauty, to witness the elegance of the ways of real higher evolution.  Without this basic discipline of suspending your anxious social self of seemingly spiritual aspiration, you will not see the actual beauty of emergent reality beyond the familiar everyday world of habitual dullness and heaviness.  This basic discipline is not about self-important purity, denial-of-comfort or trying to do self-suppressing hunger or celibacy.  It is not about a “Vow of Poverty” or attempting to live on nuts and berries in a remote Himalayan cave ashram.  All of the tricks and traps of the outer self have to be seen for what they really are, for they are merely sublimated and forceful extensions of the familiar everyday world as in monasteries and convents.  The real austerity or basic spiritual discipline is within the silence of your brain and nervous system, within the higher consciousness beyond conditioned reactions and responses.  It is more a change of attitude than a change of circumstance.  You need not literally vanish from the world to learn to flourish with necessary privacy and social invisibility or to live without stupid attempts at personal vainglory over your supposed state of advanced spiritual status.  Beyond both escapism and social success is the correct, balanced and viable Way.


Our Way is not about breaking through into becoming a miraculous show-off, nor is it about taking Heaven by force nor storming the Cosmic castle of Extraterrestrial Power.  Our Way is an action of increasing trust in your most true self.  It implies spiritual practices that transform your daily activities and your daily world.  In this you learn the inner strength of genuinely humble service and compassion.  You can truly help out and be a benefit to those in real need without having to become socially important or famous.  You are just happily able to do the right thing in each and every case that emerges along the path.  You are warm, giving and real without compromising your spiritual integrity or progress.


On Our Way, meditation and zikr, which is holy inner repetition, are a delightfully deep and natural presence in your life because you truly know the techniques of taking proper care of yourself.  You are not inhumanly forcing yourself along certain lines with wild eyes and nose-bleeds.  Actions of Service and periods of Meditation are harmonious, fitting and wholesome.  There are no confusions and contradictions in these things.


Evolutionary handling of the familiar everyday world so that you are not entrapped or spiritually suffocated in it implies a spirit of innocence, an inner freedom beyond all the things of your accumulated memories of ten thousand yesterdays.  In this true innocence and freedom, there is no prejudice, no hatred, no violence, no brutality or cruelty or revenge; there is only trust in the Way, the God-realized Teacher of the Way and the Infinite Lord of the Way.


Whoever needs to be brought to the Teaching and the Way cannot be brought by human hands; whoever needs to be prevented from the Teaching and the Way cannot be prevented by human hands.  The Infinite One alone can arrange the things pertaining to the Infinite Unfamiliar World of the Spirit.  There has never been and never will be evolutionary hope for the pretentious.  Wherever you detect the pretentious in yourself, destroy it with true Teachings of the true Way, for those Teachings and that Way are not a local belief-system nor a universalist concoction of an arrogant seeker of applause.  In all things the balance and proportion must be sought.  The Teachings and the Way are always hidden from the unworthy but revealed anew to the Real People.  To be Real means to simply be without pretence or imitation in anything about anything; it is not about particular mysteries for intellectual sophistication.


The Way beyond the familiar everyday world does not destroy nor reject nor neglect that world, but includes it in the unfamiliar spiritual world.  Neither the Old East nor the Modern West contain the Way, but the Way contains the Old East and the Modern West.  Our Teaching is more Cosmic than the Modern, more Ancient than the Old.  Do not seek the Sufi within Islam nor within Modern Western atheism; seek the Sufi in the Presence of Infinite Being.  It is like a telepathic communion with a resonance that is one person and many, one place and many, one time and many.  The unfolding pattern of all this is not within the usual definitions or claims of authority.  What is happening with the Way at this time has never happened before and will never happen again.   To see what is happening with the Way is to see with the Eye of the Heart.  To speak with the people of the Way is to speak with the Language of the Heart.  To do the work of the Way is to work with the Hand of the Heart.  So do not try to join with Us outwardly, but join Us inwardly where you are already one of Us.  With the inward joining comes the outward Sign of Our inwardness.  None sees the outward Sign nor can act upon it but those who have the eyes of inwardness.  You will not be prevented or blocked from the Essence in which your own essence is blended.  But those who seek outward indications and presences without the taste of the Essence see nothing and say nothing of value.  They cannot be connected, though they form many opinions and imagine many things.  One does not come to the Way of the Essence as one comes to a religion of belief.  Again and again you must not confuse yourself about all this.  Words and doctrines are veils over Truth when Truth is not your Guide.  The taste of the Essence of Truth is everything.  Infinite God help you if your do not have it, for it is by He and He alone that you shall have it.


The Infinite Unfamiliar Spiritual World is presided over by The Being.  That Being is beyond your comprehension, beyond your beliefs and unbeliefs.  So far you are only turning in useless circles of your everyday mind, even when you give spiritual labels to some of those useless circles.  This is why you need The Being to help you find the Way of Truth.  Try to make a deeper sense of all this than you normally make.  Do not just rush off to the next teaching you are trying to make a judgment about.  Your judgments are not real inward perceptions.  Your judgments are nothing but useless motions in your physical brain, which is nothing but a mechanism of the familiar everyday world.  You must stop your judgments and allow the Essence of Truth to happen within you.  Then you will be shown the Way, which you will always see up-dated with the Eye of the Heart.  No false and prejudiced traditional authority can touch you there or deflect your path; no cynical atheist can pollute your mind nor push you harder into the habits of your conditioning.  You will find your way within The Way.  Cosmic and Divine Super-consciousness can awaken and unfold within you.  Be ever unpretentious and serious in your quest.  We are all working very hard behind the scenes to help those who are worthy of help, to connect those who are worthy of connection, to set free those who are worthy of freedom, to develop those who are worthy of development.


Since you have read this article deeply and thoroughly without skipping or glossing over anything, there is real hope for you.  As for those who skip and gloss and form their little judgments, they were never here.  Do you see how this works?  The Kaif-Moment of the article is only experienced by the true reader.  The false reader experiences nothing of consequence anywhere with any article about anything.  The false reader is only a prisoner of the familiar everyday world.  This article is wasted on the false reader, but the true reader has heard and felt something more than the article.