If You Are A Real Dervish
by Qutub Sarmouni

If you are a real Dervish, you are one who breaks the rules of outer religion (whether it is Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity or State Materialism).  You are also one who happily offends the petty belongers to exclusive tradition, school or cult (whether harshly ascetic Hindu Yoga, rigid Islamic Sufism, the idiotic Gurdjieff work, or the shallow group of Krishnamurti school-teachers, Chögyam Trungpa reincarnational personality cults or the insane Castaneda Tensegrity adherents).  You are also one who lives a way of life beyond the modern customs of outer dull and nervous human society (which includes things like zombie blank consumerism, being transfixed by the CNN and BBC news or imagining that leaders behind the X-Files New World Order are Real People with Real Power).


If you are a real Dervish, yours is a secret, private and anonymous sort of life where you do not advertise your spirituality. Both your personal developments and your services rendered for the good of mankind are undertaken in greatest silence and integrity.


If you are a real Dervish, you never seal your mind against exploring greater truth than you now possess.  You do not remain dogmatically fixed in your present viewpoint, beliefs, knowledge or limited set of personal experiences.  You realize that there is something divinely ecstatic beyond the known, the familiar, the culture, the religious conditioning, the belief and the disbelief.  You realize that no brain-thinking can ever penetrate this wonderful consciousness beyond, that no ambitious personal action of your everyday self can touch it.  You realize that the Divine, the Space of God, is utterly pure and beautiful beyond all human imaginings.


If you are a real Dervish, you deeply trust the natural flow of your destiny.  You trust that your life is divinely supported in unseen ways.  With relaxed acceptance you know that everything is arranged to take you exactly where you need to go.  You allow this feeling of trust and relaxation to grow within you.  You know with deepest intuition that everything is happening exactly as it should.


If you are a real Dervish, you know that you cannot ever acquire or hold what you have not somehow earned, even if you do not remember how it was earned.  You know that the greatest rewards have always come through hard work, concentrated study and deeply spiritual practice, including the practices of silent meditation beyond effort and repetition of the Zikr with your breathing.


If you are a real Dervish, you do not allow yourself to become mentally obsessed with the destructive and threatening stupidity of humanity and its vile leaders.  You realize that such obsession with the outer world is totally missing the point of the exercise of examining world events and trends.


Now, remember, the Way only violates those laws of the outer government which seek to chain the natural flow of real spiritual life.  Also keep in mind that it is always the outer priests, officials, scientists, philosophers, social mystics and shopkeepers who will brand the true Dervish as an enemy for threatening the influence of their pretentious authority.  Therefore he only becomes excessively visible to such people if he has broken the flow of the Path through some social effort performed out of nostalgia or even out of a panic, a failure of nerve, at being so completely outnumbered by dull, normal and spiritually heedless people on all sides of his life.  Any attempt to break the social pressure by trying to exert enlightened social leadership is usually an immense error.  This is particularly true today in this time of unfolding violence and warfare in the confrontation between the Technological Atheism and Satanism of the New World Order and the petty reactionism and stupidity of dogmatic, self-martyring Islam.  Whether you are a Dervish of the East or the West, you must keep a low profile because nobody is going to understand or approve of you.  Our great Way has never been so pervasively underground as it is today, but, yet again, that is exactly as it should be for our higher learning.