To Know How To Know What You Are Doing
by Qutub Sarmouni

You believe you know what you are doing in your life, but you should question this belief because any real observer can see that you do not truly know what you are doing in your life.  You also stupidly believe you know what you are doing about your spiritual development, but you should also question this ridiculous belief because any real spiritual observer can see that you do not truly know what you are doing about your spiritual development.  You obviously need a teacher and spiritual guide for things of both life and spirit.  You have a double incompetence and confusion.  This should be obvious to you but it is not.  Your correct immediate step is therefore to allow it to become obvious that you are actually incompetent and confused in both your handling of life and your attempts to develop in your spirit. 


Will you allow a teacher to teach you?  Probably not.  I will therefore have to teach you the way to learning indirectly through my articles until you can learn to recognize and accept the indispensable teacher-and-guide for direct learning.  As you are, you are useless both to a teacher and yourself.  No true teacher would accept you as you presently are.  You would only argue and create problems for a life-teacher spiritual-guide.  This is partially because you are physically, mentally and spiritually lazy.  You also have too high an opinion of your knowledge from books and your accidental occult experiences.  Your laziness plus your argumentative vanity makes a lethal combination that defeats your purposes both in life and in spirit.  You thus live, work and play like a conditioned robot in the things of life with the things of the spirit tacked on the side like a little hobby-horse you get on for brief periods when you read a randomly selected spiritual book or try to meditate.  Any genuine spiritual observer can see the games you play with your life and your spirit.  Will you therefore allow me to encourage you to stop deceiving yourself about your life and your spirit?


Life is there to satisfy your desires; spirit is there to fulfill your higher aspirations.  Desires and aspirations are not a conflict.  Your aspirations can include your desires, but your life-desires tend to neglect your spirit-aspirations.  This in fact even becomes a typical hypocrisy where you involve yourself with a path ostensibly to fulfill spirit-aspirations, but try to use the spiritual situation and its relationships only to satisfy life-desires or worldly ambitions.  By confusing spirit-aspirations with life-desires, you actually reduce your efficiency in both fundamental zones of human endeavor, which keeps you doubly incompetent.  Can you learn to observe and understand yourself in both life and spirit?


Your incompetence in both life and spirit do not have to remain permanent to the point of irreversible aging, illness and death.  There is a real chance for you in both life and spirit if you will wake up to the truth of your actual condition.  Try to understand why you need to fully receive this teaching and assimilate it.


I am keeping all this very simple for you because your intelligence in life is lacking in spite of your belief that you are clever and capable.  I am also keeping all this very simple for you because your awareness in the realms of the spirit is extremely crude and dull in spite of your belief that you are spiritual.  Your erroneous beliefs about yourself and your potential, whether in life or in spirit, are slowly killing you.  However, if you can let yourself see it, there is hope.  This is why I have agreed to say all this on your behalf.  You might agree to see the truth of yourself and therefore seek the right path for life-success and spirit-realization, which is The Way.


Seek The Way.  Do you understand?  It does not begin with being shown miracles to impress you.  It begins with correct observation of how you are in both your life activities and your attempts at spiritual studies and developments.  When you get fascinated with miracles and the occult, with the realms of special personal abilities, you are learning too far ahead of yourself.  It is virtually as stupid as those who deny the miraculous, the occult and special personal abilities.  Both fascination and denial, both belief and disbelief, as you normally experience them, are useless.  Again and again you must return to the truth of your mishandling of your life and your lack of meaningful and systematic engagement with spiritual development.


All of this is more connected with deeper character-building than it is with you becoming lucky or blessed with some miraculous connection or turning-point.  As you are, you are more likely to squander opportune connections then profit from them.  You need to prepare yourself.  Preparation is what we are talking about today.  It all begins with you accepting the way of right preparation.  Preparation is The Way To The Way.  It is correct seeking, which is beyond random book-buying or seeking social contacts in the spiritual field.  You must therefore replace your incorrect seeking with correct seeking.  Can you understand this?  Hopefully you are not too far gone with your social urges or occult excitements.  You need sobriety and self-honesty in greater measure than anything you have experienced so far.  This must be totally and unequivocally clear to you.  Otherwise you will continue to flounder in a life of superficial spiritual impacts and erroneous efforts of activity and relationship in everyday life.


Try to understand that you need Us; We do not need you.  The weak and foolish are not some boon or blessing for the strong and wise.  The truly strong and wise do not wish to capture and employ the weak and foolish in something resembling a western spiritual cult.  That is not The Way.  A genuine teaching-and-learning situation is not a group of gullible emotional idiots clumping endlessly around an attractive but pompous fool who imagines he is a great realizer of spirit.  Only preparation will reveal to you in time how a genuine teaching-and-learning situation actually works.  It is enough that for now you avoid silly groupings with their weekend paid seminars and “retreats”.  This includes so-called “Sufi” centers offering to show “meditation” with groups of so-called “experts” plus “new-comers”.  It does not matter who these “experts” have been connected to in the past with what pedigree, for such advertisements and shallow groupings are not The Way and do not lead to The Way.  The Way does not advertise and cannot be experimentally joined as with a social club or association.  Nor does it have anything to do with contemporary “net-working”.


The Way also has nothing to do with either converting to Islam on the one hand or being afraid of Muslims on the other hand.  The American C.I.A. would love you to do either, but we Sufis hate it if you do either. The Sufi is totally beyond outer religion and politics of the stupid masses in various countries.  We are a secret and effective brotherhood that operates in spite of religions and political problems.  We are not a religion or political movement.


Your job is to become useful to yourself in both life and spiritual development.  Our job right now is to help you and others toward the right orientation by imparting principles you cannot find in, say, an Indian Ashram, a Zen Monastery or a Western New Age or occult group.  Neither celibacy nor social pretence will help you or anyone else.  Correct harmonization of competent living and real spiritual development is most definitely a secret, unknown and hard-to-enter path.  It has always been like this.  And it has never been like this to build up a socially exciting atmosphere of the miraculous, but to protect itself from both exploitation and martyrdom.  Real people will only allow those with the correct attitude and aspiration to make a tentative connection.  This means you will not worry yourself about how or where we may be organizing our work.  Instead, you will face the facts about your life-efforts and spirit-aspirations so that you preparedly become attuned to the true Way and resonate with it.  This resonance becomes a kind of intuitive or telepathic communion which sooner or later results in some sort of opportune higher connections which will not resemble the trite archetypes that romantic people have trained you to believe and hope for.  You will not be whisked off to a hidden valley by a glowing person in a white robe to be entertained by traditional music and chanting with incense and colorful costumes.


To know how to truly know what you are doing is something you must learn.  No one can possibly learn what they imagine they have already learned.  As you begin to overcome your learning blockages, you will see this truth constantly when observing people.  You will see how human beings are typically incapable of fulfilling life-desires or realizing spiritual goals precisely through overestimating their condition and underestimating their potential.